Dawn Zulueta and Jake Cuenca have a prison romance in MMK

Ms. Dawn Zulueta confronts the character of Jake Cuenca (back to camera) in the September 27 episode of Maalala Mo Kaya.

When a lonely prisoner becomes close to a much older woman,tongues start wagging and intrigues begin to surface, placing both persons in asensitive situation.

ABS-CBN's drama anthology show Maalala Mo Kaya triesa new tandem this Saturday, September 27. Ms. Dawn Zulueta and Jake Cuencaportray two people who develop a romance while inside an unlikely place: aprison.

Since this is an unusual love story, how did the two starsprepare for their roles?

Dawn says that she had to be careful about the growth andmaturity of her character. "Because my role had to do with a lapse of timebetween 8 and 10 years, I paid much attention to my appearance. Because therole required not only a progression of time in terms of age, but also had toshow digressions in the character's mind-set and disposition...I was sofortunate that my director was Jeffrey Jeturian, whom I trust and have alwaysadmired...he helped me construct the fluidity of my character's mental andemotional progress."

As for the former star of the action show Palos, Jake Cuenca says thathe had to re-adjust to the genre of drama once again.

"Sobrang na-happy ako when I found out that I was doingMMK," recalls Jake. "Kinulit ko nga ang handler ko na makuha agad yong scriptkasi gusto ko talagang pag-aralan. Coincidentally, kakatapos ko lang ngworkshop with Ms. Laurice Guillen and na-eexcite ako bumalik sa drama.Pinag-aralan ko talaga. MMK is really something I have to prepare for."

He even adds: "Nagpahaba rin ako ng bigote and while taping this, I rarelybroke out of my character mula simula ng taping hanggang pack-up."

What is Ms. Dawn's observations about her new leading man, Jake?

"It's the first time that I've portrayed a role that has alove interest of the younger set of stellar actors today. I was glad that JakeCuenca played the part opposite mine because he is so talented. I didn't findit at all difficult working with him in our scenes."

The young actor is equally happy to work with the actress, who was last seen inthe 2007 fantaserye Lastikman.


"Sobrang privileged ako to work with Ms. Dawn Zulueta. Iknow that Ms. Dawn rarely accepts work nowadays. Kaya naman nakakadagdag ito saexcitement ko and looking forward to working again with her. Pareho kaming nasaLastikman pero wala kaming eksena together."

Jake says that he considers this episode as one of thehighlights of his career. "I feel very honored to be working with Ms. Dawn,napakswerte ko talaga. Not a lot of actors in my generation have been given anopportunity like this so I'm cherishing it. This is something I will alwaysremember ‘til the end of my career."

Watch Dawn Zulueta and Jake Cuenca figure out theircomplicated love story in the September 27 episode of MMK.

Maalala Mo Kaya, hosted by Charo Santos-Concio, airsSaturday nights on ABS-CBN.





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