Pia Wurtzbach asks Vietnamese AsNTM fans to refrain from spreading hate comments

IMAGE @asntm / @piawurtzbach on Instagram

Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach (right) congratulates Maureen Wroblewitz for being the first Pinay to win Asia's Next Top Model.

Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach congratulated fellow Filipino-German model Maureen Wroblewitz for being the first Pinay to win Asia's Next Top Model.

Early today, June 29, the former Miss Universe congratulated Maureen for her big win on Instagram and posted the 18-year-old model's final photo.

Pia also noted Maureen's performance as a model that greatly improved throughout Asia's Next Top Model Season 5.

The beauty queen wrote, "Stunning. A well deserved win. A girl who was doubted for having the least modeling experience, for being soft spoken, for being one of the shortest girls in the competition and being called "just a pretty face."

"You have proven them all wrong and now YOU ARE Asia's Next Top Model. Congratulations, Maureen. You have taught us that even when the odds are against you, if your will power to win is strong, you can come out victorious."

Pia also congratulated Maureen's runner-ups on Asia's Next Top Model, starting off with Malaysia's representative Shikin Gomez.

She told her, "To Shikin, The first time I met you I saw myself in you. I know you are a fighter. You are a great learner and you have huge potential. And that distinct look! Wow. It's unmistakable. You've improved so much and I am sure you will do well in the industry. I am so sure of it."

Meanwhile, Pia appeals to Vietnamese AsNTM fans to refrain from spreading hate comments on social media. 

Maureen has been receiving a lot of heat from fans of Vietnamese model Minh Tu Nguyen, who placed as a runner-up in AsNTM Cycle 5. 

The former Miss Universe also clarified that she doesn't have any ill feelings for the Vietnamese model.

Pia wrote, "To Tu, please stop the hate guys. I DO NOT hate Tu. In fact I think she is beautiful, fierce and strong. She has a spirit that is hard to miss. If there were any misunderstandings from the fans thinking that I hate her, I'm sorry but that's not true. I love Vietnam."


Towards the end of her Instagram post, Pia congratulated all the finalists for what they have achieved in the competition.

She wrote, "Congratulations to all the girls. You've all improved, I was so shocked to see how confident you all were at the finals. Now you are PROFESSIONAL MODELS. Thank you for tuning it to @asntm guys. I had fun during my part in the show and I hope to see all of again soon. I love you all!"

Pia was one of the members of the judging panel in the final episode of the hit reality-modelling competion.

She joined by Ruby Adler, model agent of Storm Model Management, Adele Chan, editor-in-chief of Nylon Singapore, and resident judges Yu Tsai and Cindy Bishop.





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