Emerson Dino gets the boot on "Survivor Philippines"

Dubbed as The Technician, 31-year-old Emerson Dino of Caloocan, a sewing technician and a karatedo blackbelter, is the second person voted off from GMA-7's Survivor Philippines.

During the 2nd Tribal Council in Survivor Philippines, the Naak Tribe sent home Emerson Dino last Friday, September 26, after losing in the immunity challenge for the second time.

The tribe was split between voting for the 31-year-old Emerson, a technician, and the 20-year-old farm girl Vevherly Gador. But in the end, it was Emerson who was sent packing, getting five votes out of eight. Vevherly received one vote while Kaye Alipio got a somewhat misplaced vote from Zita Ortiga.

Emerson must have felt what was coming after his confrontation with Vevherly during the immunity challenge. He visibly made himself busy for the rest of the day, as if a testament proclaiming he's a valuable asset in life at the camp. He and Kiko Rustia lobbied for the tribe to vote for Vevherly instead, saying she was young and would still have a bright future without winning Survivor. But Rob Sy saw through Emerson's efforts. "He's too late the hero," he said, referring to Emerson's efforts.

In his final video, Emerson appealed to the viewers for understanding. "Wag sana kayong humusga, kung nakita nyong para sa inyo mali yung ginawa ko o maling paraan, o sabihin na natin yung strategy ko hindi umubra. Maling magsalita kapag hindi ikaw ang kasali sa castaways, pero kapag ikaw na yung isa sa kanila, sabihin ko sa 'yo, hindi basta-basta."

This is the second time the Naak Tribe was sent to Tribal Council, and their fourth consecutive defeat in the challenges.

With only six members left, can Naak still win against the clearly dominating Jarakay Tribe?

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