Bruno Gabriel goes naked for shower scene in GMA youth-oriented show Grind

IMAGE Noel Orsal (main)/Screengrab from GRIND (inset)

"Siyempre, I don't want to get sexy just out of the blue. It all depends on how art calls for it," says Bruno Gabriel about his sexy shower scene on GRIND.

Newbie actor Bruno Gabriel did not think twice when he was asked to go naked for his new show GRIND.

At the press conference held last night, August 9, a teaser of GMA-7's new youth-oriented show GRIND (Get Ready It's a New Day) was shown to invited media.

One of the scenes that caught everyone's attention was the shower scene of Bruno, who will play a young over-achiever named Carlo Yuson.

Asked how he was convinced to do it, Bruno simply said, “Parang during the take, 'Bruno, maghubad ka dito.' I'm like, 'Okay [acts like he's taking off his shirt].”

Bruno is aware that this particular scene might raised eyebrows especially among conservative viewers.

However, the hunk Kapuso actor is confident that necessary and it was done in a good way.

“I get that there's a cultural bias against anything, parang provoking sex,” he said.

“I wish nga, as an artist, to let people na sexy is great.

“Sexy is great, but more importantly, sexy is okay.”


He added, “Most of the time kasi people will say na, 'O, malaswa,' not necessarily.

“Many people get stifled with that because it's cutltural.

“Like, 'Oh, you removed your shirt on Instagram that makes you this.' Parang people can judge for that.”

Bruno does not want to get affected by people's judgment because of what they see on TV.

Instead he just want to focus on his job as an actor.

He also assured that he will not do sexy scenes if it's not need in the story.

Bruno said, “Siyempre, I don't want to get sexy just out of the blue. It all depends on how art calls for it. I won't remove my clothes just for the sake of.”

Find out how Bruno will show the kind of “millennial” professional in GRIND every Saturday night after I-Witness, starting August 19, on GMA Network.





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