GMA-7's "MaGMAhalan Nang Buong-Puso" versus ABS-CBN's "Just Love Ngayong Christmas"

Alden Richards (left) is one of the stars featured in GMA-7's "MaGMAhalan Nang Buong-Puso." Sarah Geronimo, Piolo Pascual, Gary Valenciano are some of the celebrities seen in ABS-CBN's lyric recording video "JUST LOVE Ngayong Christmas."

When the –ber months come around, people are already eager to welcome the arrival of the Christmas season.

One of the highly anticipated events this Yuletide season is the release of the Christmas station IDs from ABS-CBN and GMA-7.

For the songs used in Christmas station IDs this 2017, the Philippines’ top two television stations decided to anchor their message on a simple but enduring and opportune theme: Love.

GMA-7’s “MaGMAhalan Nang Buong-Puso”

Date launched: October 30, 2017

The Kapuso Network’s 2017 Christmas recording video does right by beginning and ending with GMA’s biggest crowd-drawer and money-maker, Alden Richards.

The recording video for the song “MaGMAhalan Nang Buong-Puso” also shows Julie Anne San Jose, Mikee Quintos, Maricris Garcia, Aicelle Santos, and Nar Cabico.

For #KapusoChristmas, GMA decided to adorn its recording studio with fairy lights.

The overall theme is giving love—symbolized by the heart that is also part of the station’s logo—during the holiday season. The song is catchy, with its simple melody and lyrics.

The singers also avoid the pitfall of “biritan” and trying to overshadow each other. Instead, they share the screen as an ensemble, and are then given their due solo shots. They are adorable as they make gestures with their hands for “heart.”

Though to be honest, eventually, it gets a little too repetitive and you just want them to stop making so many hearts!

The simple, stripped down set design is also consistent with the song and the vision for the video.

The most prominent and pleasing quality are the simple Christmas lights that illuminate the background and complement the singers.



ABS-CBN’s “JUST LOVE Ngayong Christmas”

Date launched: November 1, 2017

Released a few days after the Kapuso Christmas station recording video, ABS-CBN’s video for the season features a huge selection of Kapamilya artists.

The 2017 recording lyric video of “Just Love Ngayong Christmas” features veteran artists as well as Kapamilya stars who are products of reality talent competitions.

It starts with symbols of Christmas: visuals of candles and wreaths, with the sound of church bells introducing the first bars. This is the quiet, almost solemn moment of the theme song used for the 2017 Christmas station ID.

One of the station’s super stars, Piolo Pascual, sings the first line, followed promptly by Toni Gonzaga and Sarah Geronimo, and a dizzying array of singers.

The lyrics are a mix of English and Tagalog, with the main message being that the world needs love.

The lyrics make an interesting use of “love”—as a noun as well as a verb—to admonish people to “just love” and that it’s “just love” that the world needs.

Though it starts off slow, the "Just Love" song speeds up and takes on the melody akin to an anthem, but also, a pop song commonly heard on the station’s noontime show: with singers delivering one line each, and the high-pitched voices coming in to embellish.

Towards the latter part, the veteran singers come out: Gary Valenciano, Martin Nievera, Ogie Alcasid, Zsa Zsa Padilla to alternate with, then share screen time with the child singers-actors. It gives the video a good variety and a familial feel.




Both videos give us the feels and set the tone for a Filipino Christmas filled with love for each other, for our fellowmen—reflecting the spirit of a simple Christmas.

PEPsters, what can you say about the Christmas recording videos of ABS-CBN and GMA-7?

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