Richard Gomez hosts "Family Feud" starting October 13

Richard Gomez will guest a celebrity familyevery Monday on GMA-7's Family Feud. This daily half-hour game show willair from Monday to Friday right before 24 Oras.

Every night, get to see Richard Gomez mediate between two"warring" families who aim to bring home the jackpot. Family Feud, thepopular game show that originated in the United States during the ‘70s, is nowon primetime TV as GMA network opens its fourth quarter season.

Starting October 13, the daily half-hour game show will beaired on GMA-7 right before the newscast of 24 Oras. It will be hostedby Richard Gomez, who admitted that he had to go through auditions just likethe ten other aspirants for the hosting gig. Family Feud has already been shown in 5 continents and more than 50 countries worldwide.

Celebrity families will be featured every Monday while non-celebrity familieswill try to outsmart each other from Tuesday to Friday. Two participatingfamilies of four going head-to-head as they try to determine the seven topanswers based on what the "survey said" in polls conducted with 100 people.

The game begins with the captains of both teams facing offat the lock-out desk near the game master to see which family will gain controlof the particular question. An answer is considered correct if it is one of theconcealed answers on the game board. Ifthe captain's answer earns the higher points, his/her family gets the chance toplay first every round throughout the entire game. After three strikes, thefamily gives up control of the board and the competing family gets achance to steal the bank by naming just one answer that's not yet revealed on the board. Richard then goes to the podium of the entire family asthey confer before giving their final answer. The first answer is always thefinal answer.


The same mechanics apply for the succeeding rounds, with theexception of doubled points for Round 3 and tripled points for Round 4. The family with 300 points or more moves onto the Fast Money round where they may win the jackpot prize of as much asP150,000.

In Fast Money, two representatives of the winning familymust separately try to name the most popular answers to five survey questionsin 20 and 25 seconds, respectively. Ifthe total combined score of their answers reach at least 200 points, they winthe jackpot. If not, they get aconsolation of P50,000 and return tomorrow as the defending champions and haveanother chance at the jackpot which hasincreased to P250,000.

The defending family has a maximum of four lucky tries atthe jackpot, after which they yield the crown to a new champion.

In an earlier interview, Richard Gomez jokingly suggestedthat they bring in showbiz families who are in the middle of a word war such asthe Flaminiano family and the Montenegro family. It will be recalled that RoseFlaminiano has called Nadia Montenegro as the "sulsoltant" of her ward GabbyConcepcion. (Click HERE to read related article).

Family Feud is all about points, winning streaks, and top answers. Whichfamily will emerge as the winner at the end of the game to take home thejackpot? Who will pass, play, steal orstrike? This show is out to see if the family that plays together can also wintogether!

Catch Family Feud beginning October 13 replacing Gobingo,Monday to Friday right before 24 Oras on GMA-7.





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