How did Alyas Robin Hood 2 finale fare in AGB ratings?

Dingdong Dantes and Andrea Torres top-billed GMA-7's Alyas Robin Hood 2.

After three months, GMA-7 aired the finale episode of Alyas Robin Hood Book 2.

Dingdong Dantes led the cast of this Kapuso action-drama series that also featured Solenn Heussaff and Ruru Madrid, among others.

The episode revealed that Pepe (Alyas Robin Hood) was able to rescue his loved ones, including Lovely Dimagiba, before the explosion of the building. News broke out that Alyas Robin Hood perished in the incident.

Pepe goes to the hospital to see Sarri Acosta (Megan Young) who is in critical condition.  Sarri’s parents told Pepe that she got another heart attack, leaving her comatose.  Pepe went inside the hospital room, gently repeating Sarri’s name. Sarri responded, opening her eyes.

Sarri tells Pepe, ”Nung akala ko na hindi na ako magmamahal ulit, I met you. I fell in love with you. My soulmate. Hinihintay na ako ni Archie. May isa pa akong soulmate, di ba?"

“Promise me, you’ll always be happy…. Tuparin mo ang mga pangarap mo. Hwag kang titigil na tumulong sa mga tao because that is what you do best. Promise me…"

After uttering these words, Sari closes her eyes and dies, leaving a teary-eyed Pepe. He kisses Sarri goodbye.

Some time later, the Healing House Foundation founded by Sarri re-opens with family and friends in attendance.  Pepe takes center stage and relays to them Sarri’s message to continue helping others.  “Masayang-masaya si Sarri ngayon. Narito lahat ng taong mahal niya.”

Venus (Andrea Torres) and Pepe had a chance to talk.  Venus pointed out that Sarri was able to save her life and she treats her like a sister.  Pepe revealed to Venus that he has true feelings for her. “Totoo ang nararamdam ko para sa 'yo. Mahal kita. Pero alam natin paraho na hindi ito ang tamang panahon para sa atin.”

Pepe and his police friend, Sr. Inspector Acosta  (Paolo Contis), left the gathering and went to the ruined building where the bomb was detonated.

They see a crowd gathering there, laying down flowers, a symbolic “tribute” to Alyas Robin Hood who is presumed to be dead.

His police friend asked him about his plans for Alyas Robin Hood.

Pepe said that Alyas Robin Hood can now be put to rest since he will remain alive in the memory and hearts of the people.  Pepe added, “Hindi na nila kailangan ng bayani…kaya na nila maging bayani."

On that note, Sr. Inspector Acosta made an official statement saying that “Alyas Robin Hood has moved on. Pero mananatili sa atin ang iniwan niyang magandang halimbawa.  Ang kabutihan, katapangan, at pagiging mabuting mamamayan.”

The next scene shows Pepe packing away his Robin Hood gear and burying it, as witnessed by his mother Judy (Jaclyn Jose).

Pepe leaves behind his alter ego and welcomes once again, his lawyer persona. He sees Caloy (Gary Estrada) painting his very own law office.


Caloy even surprised him with a personalized sign indicating: “Jose Paulo de Jesus, Attorney at Law.”

Pepe's first client is a Lola who wants to sue someone who owes her money but ironically, couldn’t even remember the name of the borrower and the name of Pepe.

Speaking to reporters, debarred Judge Romulo (Toby Alejar) said that it is “unconstitutional” of the city mayor to declare martial law in the city because of a bombing explosion.

Mayor Escano (Ces Quesada) confronts Judge Romulo and clarifies that she is innocent and has nothing to do with the explosion.

Leandro Torralba (PJ Abellana) and a guy wearing a flashy gold blazer are about to enter a business partnership.  He is surprised to see Chino around.

Pepe is shown speaking with clients at a restaurant. The clients are grateful to Pepe since he took their pro bono case.  As soon as his clients leave, a holdup is declared by two men inside the restaurant.  While the thugs are getting valuables from the people at the restaurant, Pepe continues to drink his coffee.

The hoodlums notice Pepe drinking coffee. Venus suddenly appears, prompting a s  Pepe is surprised to see her.  They talk a bit. She beats them up singlehandedly and leaves.

A woman suffering from mental illness is shown.  A male voice narrates that he wants to seek vengeance on those who did this to his aunt.

Judy just got back from the market and sees her family--Lizzie (Lindsay de Vera), Jekjek (Gio Alvarez) and Caloy--outside their home.While speaking to them and unknown to Judy, someone in a black SUV is closely observing her.

When her family leaves, men in black enter the premises and take Judy by force.  Pepe arrives at their home and finds clothes strewn on the floor.  He gets suspicious. He enters the house and calls for Judy. He finds the place in disarray and immediately leaves.  Using his motorcycle, he rides his bike and tries to catch up with the black SUVs.

Judy is seen inside the vehicle with a gun pointed at her. A voice is heard saying: “Sa tingin mo, may magliligtas sa 'yo?”

While riding his motorcycle, Pepe calls out for his mom, putting an end to the finale episode.

Is this the real end of Alyas Robin Hood?

AGB RATINGS. How did the finale episode of Alyas Robin Hood 2 fare in AGB Nielsen ratings?


The GMA-7 teleserye, Alyas Robin Hood 2, got an AGB TV rating of 9.7%.

Dingdong Dantes's prime-time series ended on November 27, 2017.

ABS-CBN's counterpart program, La Luna Sangre, got an AGB TV rating of 11.1%.

Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla, Richard Gutierrez, and Angel Locsin topbill this Kapamilya teleserye.

The Kapuso prime-time series was 1.4 points lower than its Kapamilya rival.

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