Past controversy prevented Albie Casiño from becoming close to former co-stars

IMAGE Nerisa Almo

Albie Casiño pointed out how the warm welcome of his Pusong Ligaw co-stars helped him open up to people, "They all made an effort talaga to make me feel I'm at home that's why I'll never forget everyone here."

Albie Casiño will surely miss the company of his co-stars in Pusong Ligaw.

At the press conference for the show's finale week held last Saturday, January 6, the Kapamilya actor recalled how he was welcomed by his co-actors, director, and other staff members.

“Ito talagang Pusong Ligaw is like a family.

“A lot of shows say that, I've been in a few shows, but ito talaga, pamilya ko talaga 'to.

“I love them all, I really do,” said Albie, who plays Leon del Mundo, one of the suspects behind the death of Rafa and Tessa's mother.

Rafa and Tessa are played by Enzo Pineda and Beauty Gonzalez, respectively.

Being one of the late additions to the cast of Pusong Ligaw, Albie thought it would be hard for him to blend in with the group.

“I have only been here for a few months unlike all of them, they've been here for so long.

“As soon as I got inside, everyone made me feel I'm at home.

“Iba, e, parang if you're new in a show, nangangapa ka pa, e.

“Sila, may chemistry na silang lahat—the director with the actors and everyone else, pati actors may chemistry na.

“Kahit backstage, sa tent, may camaraderie na sila. Ikaw bago ka, nangangapa ka pa. Pero they will make an effort to talk to you.

“They all made me feel at home talaga. Sa una nga, nawe-weird-uhan pa ako, e, 'Bakit ako kinakausap ng mga 'to?'”

The warm welcome helped Albie open up to his colleagues, which he never did in his previous TV shows.

“You can ask them, usually at taping, I don't talk.

“I never talk to anyone. I'm super quiet.

“I think it's because from all the controversies before,” he said.

Albie was referring to his previous paternal issue with former girlfriend Andi Eigenmann.


He continued, “Coming inside, people think I'm a bad guy, so I just keep it to myself.

“Like on the set, ganun talaga ako, I don't talk at all.”

Things changed when he started doing Pusong Ligaw.

Albie reiterated, “Like I said, parang they all made an effort talaga to make me feel I'm at home that's why I'll never forget everyone here.”

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