Jed Madela bashed for comparing Britney Spears voice to a frog, duck, and goat; issues apology

Jed Madela gets bashed for comparing voice of Britney Spears to a frog, a duck, and a goat. He gave this instruction to Krystal Brimner (right) during the May 26 episode of Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids. 

Jed Madela incurred the wrath of Britney Spears fans for a comment he made on Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids.

As a Voice Mentor for the ABS-CBN talent competition, Jed gave instructions to Krystal Brimner on how to impersonate Britney Spears.

In a video showing how Krystal prepared for the number, Jed was heard telling her: "Kung ikukumpara natin siya sa mga tunog ng mga animals dito, medyo maraming involved na animals.

"Meron siyang tunog palaka, ducks, geese, may tunog rin siyang kambing."

Krystal wore a red catsuit as she mimicked Britney's iconic music video "Oops! . . . I Did It Again."

Fans of Britney were angered by Jed's comment about their idol.

For this reason, Jed issued an apology for his "harsh" comment regarding the voice of the pop idol.

A netizen using the Twitter handle @kissmysaltysass pointed out that Jed's joke was offensive to fans of Britney.

"k. you're talented, @jedmadela but why say that about Britney? I know you're just joking but it fired something on B-Army, they (we) got offended... disappointed. #YFSFKDreamComeTrue #palaka #kambing #bibe #nohate"

In his Twitter account, Jed replied:

"Hello!!! Uyyyy I’m sorry! Please don’t get me wrong. I, too, am Britney fan since day one until now! It was a way of making the kid easily understand how to switch her voice. Didn’t mean anything bad. Sorry ulit kung na offend kayo."

Jed also replied to a now-deleted tweet by pointing out that he actually loves Britney in real life:

"Uyyy sorry kung na offend ko kayo. I love Britney and we just did that way of teaching para mas madali makuha ng kids ang boses. Of course, inexaggerate lang namin yun para mas ma emphasize ang uniqueness ng boses ni Britney. Sorry ulit."

The Kapamilya singer explained why he chose to use animal sounds to describe Britney's voice:

Jed wrote: "Sorry, sorry talaga. Please extend my apology to all Britney fans. Again, we just had to compare it to animal sounds kasi yun ang theme tulad ng ibang icons na inimitate ng kids."


Twitter user @molinamayyy_ chided Jed by saying: "We know na you're just doing that to teach the kids in an easy way pero nakaka offend lang po lalo na hollywood singer yung pinagsabihan mo @jedmadela"

In response, he admitted that his comment was too much by writing: "Again... my apologies. We try our best to make it easier for the kids eh. But yeah... harsh nga. Sorry po."

In the end, Jed asked for understanding from those who got offended by his comment on Britney.

He tweeted: "I have said my piece and my apology. Thanks to those who understood and accepted my apologies. To those who continue bashing, I can’t do anything anymore. Pasensya ulit."





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