Victor Magtanggol creator differentiates Alden's project from Marvel's Thor

"Victor Magtanggol tells the story of what happened after the events of Ragnarok where Thor is already dead," says Victor Magtanggol concept creator Jules Katanyag.

Weeks before it airs its pilot episode, Alden Richards's Victor Magtanggol is already controversial for its costume and theme.

There are those comparing Alden's character with the superhero Thor who is played by Hollywood actor Chris Hemsworth in the Marvel universe.

This is because Alden's character Victor Magtanggol is seen using a hammer as a weapon.

Chris Hemsworth's Thor also wields a hammer but it was destroyed in the latest installment titled Thor: Ragnarok.

In Norse mythology, Mjolnir is the hammer of Thor, the Norse god associated with thunder.

Victor Magtanggol concept creator Jules Katanyag revealed in an interview with that Thor's story was inspired by Norse mythology, which is public domain.

Katanyag pointed out that Marvel's Thor is based on the comic books created by Stan Lee. The first appearance of Thor was in a comic book published by Marvel Comics in August 1962.

"The popular chain of movies these past few years is based on these comics. Yet all these are based on the mythology of an entire culture that existed hundreds of years ago. The few existing written material were made during the 13th century, almost 700 years ago," said Katanyag.

The concept creator then pointed out the differences of the Kapuso show from the Hollywood version.

Katanyag explained:

“Since Victor Magtanggol and Marvel’s Thor draws from the same source material, the names and terms are the same but the similarities end there.

"One glaring difference is that Marvel’s Thor tells the story of the God of Thunder, an inter-dimensional being, which came to earth to fight supervillains threatening the universe.

"Victor Magtanggol tells the story of what happened after the events of Ragnarok where Thor is already dead.”

“Victor Magtanggol is a true Filipino character, who loves his country and family, and reflects our virtue of resilience and capacity to sacrifice for the things that we love.”


He also disclosed that this new telefantasya will show that Thor is already dead.

“The story of Victor Magtanggol begins where the Norse mythology ends. Most of the gods are dead including Thor. Victor Magtanggol is not Thor; Thor is already dead when our story begins.”

What can fans look forward to in this Alden Richards-starrer?

“Premiere dramatic actor Alden Richards will play Victor Magtanggol. Here, he battles monsters and form alliances with Norse gods in order to protect the things that he loves from the schemes of Loki who seeks to reduce the world back into chaos,” said Katanyag.

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