"Thrillecine" sends chills on ABS-CBN

Two thriller-suspense movies made especially fortelevision will be aired on ABS-CBN this Sunday, November 2. "Sikreto niSecret Admirer" and "Karera sa Promotion" are the two segments of Thrillecine.

In time for the Halloween season, the Kapamilya Network will air a TV special that aims to send chills through out audience viewers. Thrillecine, which marks ABS-CBN's first foray into thethriller-suspense genre, will be aired this Sunday, November 2, on Sunday'sBest.

This TV event will feature two thriller-suspensemovies-made-for-TV: "Sikreto ni Secret Admirer," which stars RoxanneGuinoo, and Zanjoe Marudo, and "Karera sa Promotion," which hasGerald Anderson, Maui Taylor and Bembol Roco in the lead roles.

"Ang Sikreto ni Secret Admirer" tells the story ofTikboy (Zanjoe), an ugly, shy, but kind-hearted mailman who is in love with thebeautiful Helen (Roxanne), who is nursing a broken heart. Because of hisundesirable appearance, he decided just to stalk Helen. He then finds Helenfalling in love with a secret admirer-letter sender. Tikboy then decided toassume this person's identity, who will not let his lady love fall for Tikboybecause of his love letters. How will Tikboy stand up for his lies? How farwill he go to protect the lies he has given?


"Karera sa Promotion," meanwhile, follows thejourney of Perez (Gerald), an honest cop who believes that getting a promotionwill help him influence fellow cops to lead moral, honest lives. He then gavehis all in finding the mysteries behind a series of murder incidents, but willthe haunting truth leave him unscarred? Will he survive this scary ordeal?

Thrillecine, directed by young, talented director AtoBautista and written by Shugo Praico, fuses sensuality and dark humor with thesuspense-thriller genre.

Be sure to catch the pilot of Thrillecine thisSunday, November 2, on Sunday's Best.


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