Dionne Monsanto enjoys freedom to choose projects as freelance artist

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Dionne Monasto, who currently stars in YouTube mini-series FindHer, enjoys the variety of projects she gets to do as a freelance artist: "I get to do the projects that I want. I get to choose the projects that I want... I really enjoy it."

Dionne Monsanto is enjoying the perks of being a freelance artist.

PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) interviewed the actress at the preview screening of her latest project FindHer, a mini YouTube series about finding love in the digital era.

"I'm loving being freelance. I get to do the projects that I want, I get to choose the projects that I want," Dionne said.

Then she added, "Of course, I was with ABS-CBN for the longest time and they gave me the break that anyone could hope for.

"But now, I'm really enjoying it. I love working on projects like this...

"Because there's different platforms, right? Mainstream films, indie films, and let's say theater, di ba?

"I've done all that, and I'm so glad to be able to do digital series as well."

Dionne began her acting career in 2002, but got her big break through the Kapamilya reality show Pinoy Big Brother in 2007.


In 2016, the 33-year-old actress made a major breakthrough through the afternoon hit series, Tubig at Langis.

A year later, she was spotted in several GMA-7 shows, which fueled speculations of a network transfer.

Then in March 2018, Dionne revealed to PEP.ph that she is now a freelance artist.

Despite her choice to remain freelance, the actress still has strong ties with Star Magic as she was recently invited to two major events of the ABS-CBN talent management agency. Isa na rito ang Pure Magic party na ginanap nitong January.

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With the emergence of locally-produced digital series coming to the front, Dionne felt that this is the perfect platform for all creatives to showcase their talent.

She related, "If I'm to be very honest, it's work for everyone, you know?

"Because I've been acting for about, oh my god, 17 years. I started back in 2002 and I've not only been exposed to, you know, the post production side but also—I love kasi taking part in like pre-prods, and whenever I'm in taping, I talk with the crew.


"I'm definitely very happy that there is work for everyone.

"Another thing is, because it's a very different platform, I would like to think of it as very good competition.

"It's a healthy competition because a lot of ideas are just, you know, rushing through and everyone's coming up with something.

"Everyone wants to just better themselves every time, and it's just a positive environment to be in."

Referring to her latest project, Dionne pointed out that a digital series can be another avenue for storytellers to reach an audience.

"I just hope na there would be more projects like this. It's not only entertaining, because FindHer is not just a story of lovers or people finding each other.

"It's also a story about friendship... It's a good story to remind us to value our friendships, especially the truest friends that we have."

Dionne stars with Vance Lanera, Bie Ruaro, and Ross Pesigan in the mini web series, which launches this Saturday, February 9.




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