Ariana Grande surprises the TNT Boys in U.S. show

IMAGE The Late Late Show with James Corden

The TNT Boys gets a big surprise at The Late Late Show with James Corden when Ariana Grande suddenly appeared on stage and performed a duet with them. 

The TNT Boys got the biggest surprise of their lives when American artist Ariana Grande surprised them during a guest appearance.

This happened when the TNT Boys performed at The Late Late Show with James Corden.

The trio, composed of Francis Concepcion, Mackie Empuerto, and Kiefer Sanchez, were praised by the show's host, James Corden.

In James's introduction to them, he called the boys "the cutest boy band in the planet" and "one of my absolute favorite acts" in The World's Best.

Before the trio's performance, James recalled his first meeting with the TNT Boys.

The American TV host said, "My favorite thing about meeting you guys was when you would just perform on the stage and there was a commercial break.

"And I came to meet you, Francis, and you went like this... you came out shaking and then you went, 'Oh My God! Oh my God!'

"And I was like, I thought, 'Ugh, I'm huge in the Philippines.'


"And your first words were, 'You've met Ariana Grande.'"

Francis then told James that Ariana is his favorite singer.

James then asked them, "You adore Ariana Grande, what is it you love about her?"

Francis answered, "I love Ariana Grande's voice and I love her attitude."

The boys didn't know that Ariana was already backstage, watching them on the monitor.

James then told the boys, "Well, I gotta tell you, sometimes, Ariana Grande, she watches this show, so why don't you say hi to her."

The boys waved and said hi, thinking that Ariana might be watching at her house.

They then proceeded to perform the song, "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going."

In the middle of their performance, Ariana came out onstage and sang with them.

Francis almost knelt down the stage upon seeing his idol. He then got a hug from Ariana.

The boys were delighted to see Ariana, but they tried to hide their excitement while performing onstage.


After their performance, the TNT Boys received a hug from Ariana.

She told them, "I'm obsessed with you guys, you guys are so incredible."

Francis then asked, "Is this a dream?" He slapped his face repeatedly to check if it was really happening. 

James told him that it's not a dream, and Ariana touched his face.

Before the segment went on commercial break, Ariana was seen chatting with the TNT Boys, and she even touched Mackie's hair.

Here is the full video of Ariana's surprise to the TNT Boys:

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