Paolo Contis will host "My Dad is Better than your Dad"

Paolo Contis will host GMA-7's newest game show titled My Dad is Better than Your Dad, which will air its pilot episode on November 23.

Last August, Paolo Contis was able to try hosting for the first time when he was tapped to GMA-7's World Records, a collection of record-breaking stunts that airs on Tuesday nights. This November, he will be given the chance to develop his hosting skills even further when he hosts GMA-7's newest game show titled My Dad is Better than your Dad.

PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) was able to talk with Paolo during the press conference of Scaregiver earlier tonight, November 15, and he revealed information about his new show.

How did he get the hosting stint for My Dad is Better than your Dad? "Tinawagan na lang ako. It's a Mark Burnett show and it's the first in Asia," he says proudly. "It's a family-oriented game show and it's a very good show for a Sunday kasi family day. It's a primetime Sunday show."

"Nag-start na kami mag-pictorial, nag-test shoot na kami sa set for safety purposes. Kasi family game show ito, every week, iba-iba ang challenges. Meron siyang questions ng konti pero more on physical for the kids and for the dad. Safety first."

In each episode, four fathers will lead his respective son or daughter through a series of physical and mental challenges and stunts for the opportunity to win money and prizes that have yet to be announced by GMA-7.
As host, Paolo would like to give his suggestions about how the show chooses its contestants. "Ang sabi ko nga, dapat bawat episode namin yung grouping ng mga contestants iba-iba. Dapat may physical na tatay, mayroong hindi masyado, para masaya," he offers.

"May mga sinuggest naman ako, which I hope na matupad pero kasi may sinusunod sila, e. Especially, since first Asian franchise ang GMA-7 kaya kailangan sundin nila [ang Burnett]. Medyo strict sila."

What will happen to his current show World Records? "Yung World Records magpapahinga kasi ang mga franchise shows, one season muna then you rest bago ka bumalik for the next season."

Paolo is excited to host this highly competitive game show between teams.
"First game show ko ito. Iba ang challenge ng World Records kung saan nagho-host ka lang, iba rin ang challenge ng game show. When you host a game show, you should look smart. Basically, you should know what you're talking about, dapat alerto ka at alam mo ang sinasabi mo. Hindi ka pwedeng magkamali at dapat ang pagbigay mo ng instructions, tama."

He says that he is studying the original U.S. version of the show so he will be knowledgeable about the rules of the game.

My Dad is Better than your Dad will air on GMA-7 starting November 23.






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