Taekwondo expert Vern Domingo voted off "Survivor Philippines"

Taekwondo expert Veronica Domingo was voted off Survivor Philippines in tonight's Tribal Council after getting five votes against Rob Sy's four votes.

Taekwondo expert Veronica "Vern" Domingo, considered to beone of the biggest threats in the competition, was voted out in tonight'sepisode of Survivor Philippines. She became the 10th person to be voted out and the third member of the Jury.

The eight members of the Chalam tribe, the merged tribe ofNaak and Jarakay, came to their third Tribal Council to vote out one of theirmembers.

The five remaining members of the Naak tribe—JC Tiuseco, RobSy, Cris Cartagenas, Kaye Alipio, and Zita Ortiga—bonded once again and votedagainst Vern. On the other hand, the three members of the former Jarakay tribe—Vern,Marlon Carmen, and Charisse Yacapin—voted for Rob.

Since Rob was holding the black pearl, which serves as acurse to whoever is holding it, he automatically had one vote. This one votewas added to the three votes of the former Jarakay tribemates. But it fellshort of the five votes of the former Naak members.

In her exit interview, Vern said: "Siyempre, medyo nahe-hurtako. Lumaban ako ng patas, ibinigay ko lahat. Naduwag sila [other castaways] satalagang kalaban nila."

Vern now joins Jace Flores and Kiko Rustia in the Jury,which will decide who will win the three-million cash prize and the title ofthe first-ever Pinoy Sole Survivor.

THE TRIBAL COUNCIL. Since Charisse won the third ImmunityChallenge, she was safe from tonight's Tribal Council. But Vern decided to givethe black pearl to Charisse, who genuinely looked surprise at Vern's move.

So far, three women have won the individual ImmunityChallenge: Nanay Zita, Vern, and Charisse.

Before casting thier votes, Rob vented his anger aboutKiko Rustia's decision to give him the black pearl in last Monday's (November10) Tribal Council, where Kiko was voted off. "Napeste ako, nabuwisit ako sakanya!" admitted Rob. He then added, "Natraydor ako!"

While Rob was talking, some of his tribemates couldn't helpbut laugh while listening to him.


REWARD CHALLENGE. Meanwhile, JC won the Reward Challenge forthe second time in a row. As the winner, JC was asked again to bring alongthree members of his tribemates to an overnight stay on an island resort. JC pickedRob, Cris, and Kaye; leaving Nanany Zita behind.

Back in the camp, Marlon worked on Nanay Zita and tried touse her "tampo" against JC, suggesting that she vote him off in the next Tribal Council. But Nanay Zita's heart softened when JC apologized and explained to her why he chose Rob, Cris, and Kaye that time.

Survivor Philippines is hosted by Paolo Bediones.





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