"Ü Women" premieres January 12

Q11's latest snack comedy program Ü Women promises to bring big smiles and fast-paced entertainment in the tradition of Camera Café. Leading the cast are (left to right) Assunta de Rossi, Candy Pangilinan, Tuesday Vargas, and Kalila Aguilos.

Modern living dictates a fast-paced lifestyle. Distractions are also quite abundant, even on moments deemed as downtime. And that's exactly the logic behind the growing television phenomenon labeled as "snack entertainment," which was first popularized in Europe.

Filipino viewers had their first taste of the said genre when GMA-7 decided to do a local version of Camera Café—a comedy show composed of sketches running from 30 seconds or less to a minute or more.

Following the success of Camera Café—which has won the Best Comedy Program for 2008 in the 13th Asian TV Awards in Singapore—is another local adaptation of a popular French comedy sketch show.

Ü Women
consists of short sketches guaranteed to bring out smiles and laughs among viewers of all genders. As the title suggests, the show highlights various situations involving women getting into trouble or other incidents all presented in comic fashion.

Director Mark Meily in an interview with PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) dismissed the notion that the show caters exclusively to women because of its title.

"Actually after Camera Café kasi, very successful ‘yong show, we want to do a follow up so we were thinking, nag-brainstorm kami ng iba't ibang ideas. Then nung dumating 'yong Ü Women, ang dali, kasi kahit walang translation maiintindihan, e. So it's not just about women but ‘yong format nung show, it's something that the Filipinos of all ages, of all walks of life can understand," enthused the director.

The show, just like Camera Café, is a sure dose of comic relief presented in a fast-paced manner with the characters delivering less dialogue and relying more on their ability to deliver physical humor, perhaps slapstick (not the derogatory kind) or even stunts.

Ü Women
stars Assunta de Rossi, Candy Pangilinan, Tuesday Vargas, Kalila Aguilos, Christian Vasquez, Arnold Reyes and Gerard Acao. Award-winning director Mark Meily and French producer Henri de Lorme share directorial credits for the show.


Watch Ü Women at Q11 from Monday to Friday at 10:05 a.m., 2:00 p.m., 8:30 p.m. (back to back with Camera Café). Season 1 airing starts on January 12 until April 9.





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