"Pinoy Fear Factor" participantes overcome their fears

Pinoy Fear Factor eliminated "participantes" (L-R, clockwise) RamSagad, Gail Nicolas, Phoemela Baranda, ElmerFelix, and Jose Sarasola list down thefears they tried to conquer during their stint in this reality show."Manalo ka man o matalo, at least napakita mo sa sarili mona kinaya mo 'yong sitwasyon na 'yon or gusto mong i-accomplish yung sitwasyonna 'yon," ElmerFelix points out.

When they joined the first Pinoy Fear Factor, the sixeliminated participantes—Gail Nicolas, Ram Sagad, Phoemela Baranda, JoseSarasola, Elmer Felix, and LJ Moreno—aimed to conquer their fears in an effort to win the prize money and house and lot.

But when they came back to the Philippines earlier thanexpected, a question came to mind, "Did they really conquer their fears?"

For the Bikini Summit '07 winner Gail Nicolas, whose greatest fears aredark places and heights, she said she never had the chance to try to conquerher feel because she was eliminated too soon.

She said, "Hindi ko masyado na-experience 'yong fear kasiako po yung unang natanggal. So, parang marami pa pong stunts na gusto kotalaga maexperience, yung mga kinatatakutan ko pero sobrang minalas po, akoyung unang napauwi."

The second person eliminated from the show, RamSagad, confidently said that he has overcome his fear of heights. In fact, he said in an interview, he wouldhave enjoy his last stunt if only he had not lost his grip from a movinghelicopter. He added, "Noong napapanood ko na yung mga ginagawa nilaparang naiinggit ako, parang gusto kong I-try, 'yon nga neenjoy ko na."

When TV Patrol Star Patroller Phoem Baranda waseliminated next, she promised to herself, "Mag-aaral akong mag-swimming, mag-bike,at mag-aalaga ako ng ahas." Her intention to learn swimming is triggered by the stunt wherein they had to enter a glass tank full of snakes.

"Hindi ako magaling sumisid," admitted Phoem. "So, 'yong tank kasi after Jose [Sarasola], ako 'yongsumunod and pagtalon ko talagangsobrang murky na nung water. Nag-panic na rin ako kasi natakot na rin ako saahas 'tapos sobrang lamig na nung tubig.

"'Yong weather talaga doon ang isa sa mga pinakakalaban kodoon, kasi mahina ako sa lamig. So, when we got there, first time to go outthere, sobrang lamig talaga."


Fourth eliminated participante Jose Sarasola actually added another fearinstead of eliminating them: he is now wary of snakes. This is because he was bitten by snakes while inside the glass tank. The Fil-Spanish culinary studentused to think about raising snakes as pets.

"I got bitten three times by [snakes]," he related, "so Iguess that counts as torture. But thenit was a fun trip, I mean, you never do these stunts in your whole life, soeven if nasaktan ako I enjoyed the whole experience talaga."

Veterinarian Elmer Felix had a different story. Although he had conquered his fear ofheights and being claustrophobic, he thought that his knowledge about animals become adisadvantage when they were tasked to eat transfer cockroaches from onecontainer to another.

The participante who accidentally ate a cockroach said,"Alam ko po kasi 'yon, pinag-aralan po namin 'yon. Kaya minsan pumasok po sa isip ko, ‘Ano, gagawin ko ba 'to?'Parang ganon po, kasi alam ko po kung gaano kadumi, e. So, minsan po yun nagiging disadvantage popero pag nakikita ko po yung mga kasama ko na they give their best, siyemprekailangan ibigay rin ko po yung best ko."

LJ Moreno, who was vacationing with her family in America duringthe media junket prepared for them, was not able to share her experience. However, her co-challengers went "kilig" asthey recalled how LJ was given surprise visit by her crush.

The preschool teacher was surprised by her crush, anArgentinian Fear Factor crew member named Maxi, during a farm visit. He gave LJ hand-pickedflowers and invited her to lunch.

After all the hard stunts, the fun memories, and the uniquebonding moments with fellow Pinoy Fear Factor "participantes," they shared the valuable lessons that they learned from the reality show. In a nutshell: never give up.

Phoem even pointed out,"Pagbalik ko, I reallly appreciated the thingsthat I have. Kasi like simple things, 'yong mga everyday na meron ako dito saPilipinas, talagang naappreciate ko pagkauwi ko."


Earlier tonight, January 23, the remaining participantes went through the third stunt of "septima ronda de eliminacion." They had to complete the routing of a nerve spiral or else it would trigger fiery explosions. In previous stunts in the seventh round, the participantes had to be locked in a glass coffin underwater and they had to bear being covered with rats, snakes, and frogs while inside a three-division box.

Find out who will be the seventh eliminado on Pinoy FearFactor: Argentina, South America. It airs weeknights on ABS-CBN right after Eva Fonda. Weeklyhighlights of PFF air every Saturday at 7 p.m. on Studio 23.





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