Events Incorporated gives exclusive pass to viewers starting Feb 28

Tim Yap and Sam Oh will host Q Channel 11's weekly lifestyle magazine show titled Events Incorporated. It will premiere this Saturday, February 28.

He throws the grandest parties, she's the life of the party—together, Tim Yap and Sam Oh make up Q Channel 11's Events Incorporated.

Events Incorporated is the newest program format innovation to hit Philippine TV. No hosts—just real people. Tim Yap, known for throwing fabulous parties, and Sam Oh, who practically raised events coverage into an art form, bring viewers to the most exciting and innovative happenings in the country.

Ever wonder how an event is organized? From simple get-togethers to spectacular experiences, Events Incorporated will feature not only notable happenings but will also help viewers with cool ideas for their own special shindigs! This weekly lifestyle magazine show will take viewers not only to the venue, but through the whole process of creating that dream event.

Here's where the excitement happens. No scripts—just the frenzied sound of creative juices flowing, tempers rising, and adrenaline rushing. And, of course, Tim and Sam bring viewers right in the middle of the action and lend their time and expertise to help viewers give that professional touch to their private parties.

For its opening salvo on Saturday, February 28, Events Incorporated will give its viewers an exclusive pass to "Breakfast at Timothy's"—the making of Tim's birthday celebration. Sam, in turn, will help a friend and fellow DJ, DJ Robbi, throw a romantic Valentine's surprise for his girlfriend.

Start living an EVENTful life. Catch Events Incorporated beginning February 28, 6 pm, only on Q Channel 11.





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