Cross off items from your bucket list with Marc and Rovilson

Rovilson Fernandez (left) and Marc Nelson will help people fulfill their dream activities in their new show called Dare Duo. It will air its pilot episode on Q Channel 11 this Saturday at 8:10 pm.

Q Channel 11's newest reality show, Dare Duo, hosted by the hot and wacky tandem of Marc Nelson and Rovilson Fernandez, offers the unique opportunity for ladies to realize one item in their bucket list together with Marc and Rovilson.

The activities range from the most simple to the unexpected—be it a scuba diving or flying a plane, hosting a bridal shower or performing in front of hundreds, baking a 5-layered cake or bidding to get the biggest fish in a fishport, joining a theatre production or acting in a teledrama, rappelling down a building or swimming with a whale shark, and so on.

Since ang shows ng Q Channel 11 are basically targeted to the AB audiences, it's one reason why the production of Dare Duo came-up with Marc and Nelson—both were first seen together in Amazing Race Asia and at present at AXN's The Duke.

The show's executive producer Paolo Aquino explained that Dare Duo is not about extreme challenges.

"The two guys are actually doing things to inspire people na magawa nila ang mga different lifelists nila. Kasi, there are lots of dare shows in TV now. Kahit sa GMA-7, merong dalawa. Kahit sa other channel, meron din dalawa. Pero ‘yung sa amin is to really inspire people. Like you have a life list at gagawin mo yun to uplift."

The show's program manager, Lian Roxas stressed, "The point of the show is not really to awe the audience that they can be but to inspire the audience on what the audience can do. And this two guys are really the perfect people to do this. Kasi, they are friendly, supportive, parang when you introduced the dare person to them, they feel safe and they are involve with every dare.

"And it's not necessarily extreme. Like with our first episode, it was important for her to give her bestfriend the best and most memorable bridal shower."

Sa first episode ng show which will be this Saturday, March 14, 8:10pm, ang naturang bridal shower nga raw ang ipi-feature nila. They will help the bridesmaid throw away her inhibitions as she learns pole dancing from dance diva Regine Tolentino. This will also be the first time that Marc and Rovilson will do sexy dancing in front of the ladies.

At the same time, ang mag-bestfriends na radio hosts na sina Mojo Jojo and Grace Lee will also have the chance to live their dream of becoming army trainees as they undergo intense physical and mental training in military bootcamp.

Ang mga susunod na episodes naman ng Dare Duo ay manggaling na sa mga life lists ng mga email or letter senders.

"Ang first episode, nagtanong-tanong kami kung ano ang gusto nilang gawin. But with the next episodes, we'll receive sana email or video email."

Wala naman daw silang criteria kung ano lang ang dapat nilang i-feature.

Ayon kay Paolo, hindi naman daw sila nagse-set ng anumang criteria na dapat lang i-feature.

"Hindi kami nagse-set ng criteria. Kung ano lang ang makita naming maganda at meaningful for them at kung ano ‘yun and why it is important for them na gawin nila."

At the same time, ‘yung mga ordinaryong tao na nagre-request for their life list will also be the one to personally do it, with the help of Marc and Nelson.

At sa mga interesado raw na magpaala ng kanilang email or video emails of their life lists, they can send it to






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