Sandra Aguinaldo explores a Basura Mall in I-Witness

Sandra Aguinaldo (in photo) of I-Witness tries to scavenge reusable junk from dumpsites for her documentary titled "Basura Mall."

Even before the recession happened, used items are already being sold here in the Philippines. Pinoys have learned to love buying old clothes and shoes to save more from their budget. But now, even unusable items like underwear and cutleries such as spoons and forks are being sold on sidewalks, thus turning scavenging into a very lucrative job.

In her documentary for I-Witness this Monday, award-winning journalist Sandra Aguinaldo looks into the business of recyclable trash and checks how this trade helps a lot of Filipinos endure the current economic crisis.

Aling Idang has been a scavenger at the Payatas dumpsite for almost 20 years. She says she has no choice but to go through the daily routine of collecting reusable garbage in order to provide for her grandchildren.

Whatever Aling Idang has collected for the day, vendor Inday buys. This single mother goes to the dumpsite every day to procure old bags, thoroughly cleaning them one-by-one so she could sell them at a good price. Inday uses the money that she earns from selling "trash" to sustain her son Tyson's regular medication. Tyson has cerebral palsy and epilepsy.

Join Sandra Aguinaldo as she experiences the lives of these women and joins them in searching for reusable junk in her I-Witness documentary "Basura Mall," airing this Monday midnight after the late night newscast Saksi on GMA-7.





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