Nasaan Ka, Maruja will air its pilot episode on May 2

Half-sisters Cristy (Kristine Hermosa, left) and Helen (Karylle) are in love with the same man. Derek Ramsay plays the man of the past Gabriel and the man of the present named Ross. Will he choose his former love or his current partner in Nasaan Ka, Maruja?

Komiks Presents Mars Ravelo's Nasaan Ka Maruja? is a new series on ABS-CBN that will send chills to your spine as it delivers a whole new sense of romance and thrill on a Saturday afternoon starting this Saturday, May 2.

Maruja Isabella Sevilla has an ill-fated romance with her lover Gabriel. They are separated in the past but they are reincarnated in the future as Cristy Rivera and Ross Lozano.

Kristine Hermosa leads the cast as the embodiment of Maruja and Cristy. This project marks her return to television after topbilling the 2007 teleserye Prinsesa ng Banyera.

SYNOPSIS. Cristy Rivera (Kristine Hermosa) works as a columnist in a magazine headed by Michael (John Estrada). Her boss is seemingly irritated by her but he is secretly in love with the beautiful young lady.

Cristy is able to see and communicate with the spirits of dead people. She uses her gift to help those spirits find peace.

Meanwhile, she is haunted by a vague dream about Maruja and Gabriel, the ill-fated lovers from the past. One day, her half-sister and confidante Helen (Karylle) returns home to the Philippines after living in the United States for many years.

Helen introduces Cristy to her boyfriend Ross (Derek Ramsay). Cristy is surprised to see Ross who looks very much like Gabriel. But what she doesn't know is that Ross also has the same dreams as hers, and in his visions, Ross pictures Cristy as Maruja. He even created sketches of Cristy even before they met in real life.

How will Cristy find out about her past life? Will she choose her boss Michael or will she wait for Ross to realize that they are meant for each other?

Follow the mystery and feel the suspense in Komiks Presents Mars Ravelo's Nasaan Ka, Maruja? every Saturday night at 6 PM beginning May 2 on ABS-CBN.


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