Geneva Cruz "lies" about being in a relationship with KC Montero

When asked if she is still in a relationship with KC Montero, Geneva Cruz said "Yes" but the lie detector machine revealed that this was not true. However, the singer refused to explain her answer.

Singer Geneva Cruz appeared for the first time yesterday, May 10, on Showbiz Central's Don't Lie to Me segment. She responded to controversial issues that continue to hound her even as she stayed out of the limelight.

SC host Rufa Mae Quinto who substituted John "Sweet" Lapus asinterrogator, asked Geneva, "Para suportahan ang PETA, nagingvegetarian ka na rin. Ang gusto ko malaman, kahit vegetarian ka na,natukso ka pa rin ba na kumain ng karne?"

Geneva gave Rufa Mae a playful smile and said, "Anong klaseng karne, girl?"

Kidding aside, Geneva admitted ("Yes! Oo naman") that she indeed hasthoughts about eating meat. The lie detector machinegave her answer as the truth and nothing but. When asked to explain,Geneva shared, "Pag naging vegan ka kasi, hindi ka na kakain ng fish okahit anong crustacean—anything na may shell. Nag-start lang ako noongmag-two years pa lang. Pero since I was fifteen, kumakain pa ako nglaman-dagat, tapos naging on-off vegetarian ako dahil pinapagalitan akong tatay ko, kasi akala niya na pag vegetarian ka at walang karne, e,mawawalan ka ng energy. Ayun, I really love animals and I'd ratherstarve than eat them."

Giving Rufa Mae another joking look, Geneva added, "Depende 'yan sa karne."

The light exchange of laughter from Rufa Mae and Geneva vanishedwhen Rufa Mae asked the next question—a question that proved quitesensitive.

"Matagal na kayo ni KC [KC Montero, Geneva's husband] pero up toknow, hindi pa rin kayo nagkakaanak. Is it true na kaya ayaw momagkaanak, dahil na-trauma ka na dahil ikaw ay nakunan diumano?"

"Yes," Geneva answered, "three times."

Once again, the machine confirmed Geneva's answer as the truth.

"Ano ba 'yan, grabe , Mother's Day," Geneva suddenly commented.Trying to keep a straight face, she explained, "As a woman, kasinapakahirap na ma-experience na mawalan ng anak—mga anak, in my case. Idon't really want na ikwento nang buo but yeah, we did try and I gotpregnant three times but unfortunately the little KCs did not survive."


The last question for Geneva dwelled on a controversial matter. "Once and for all, kayo pa rin ba ni KC?" asked Rufa Mae.

"Yes," Geneva said.

This time, the lie detector disagreed and gave Geneva's answer as alie. When asked to explain, Geneva said, "I am not gonna explainanything. It's Mother's Day. I miss my son very much."





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