Mariel Rodriguez and Rafael Rosell romance viewers in Bud Brothers

Betchay (Mariel Rodriguez) tries to unravel the mystery of Wayne (Rafael Rosell) in the newest story of Precious Hearts Romances: Bud Brothers. Watch the new loveteam in this ABS-CBN afternoon drama series right after Kambal sa Uma.

On its first week, Precious Hearts Romances: Bud Brothers started off with the story of Vince (Jake Cuenca) and Georgie (Cristine Reyes) titled Stupid Cupids. The love continues as Bud Brothers offers another romantic story of two people caught up in a complicated web of love, family and pretentions.

Different but equally exciting as the Vince-Georgie love story who were separated by their past, the Wayne-Betchay series revolves around the tale of two individuals who were separated by a mystery in Wayne's life.

This new story stars two stars who will appear for the first time as a loveteam—Wowowee host Mariel Rodriguez and Star Magic talent Rafael Rosell.

Betchay (Mariel Rodriguez) is a spunky girl from San Andres Bukid who supports her family by being a personal assistant to famous supermodel Alyssa (Nina Jose). And according to Alyssa's latest command, Betchay must disguise herself and work for Alyssa's boyfriend as a secretary. Alyssa's boyfriend turns out to be Wayne (Rafael Rosell), the most mysterious among the Bud Brothers. Addition to that, Betchay learns that Wayne hasn't gotten over the greatest love of his life—Catherine—whose identity the Bud Brothers do not want to reveal. This is where the tricky situation comes in.

What challenges and problems will the two characters face? How will Betchay's entrance affect the Bud Brothers and their business?

Also starring Raquel Villavicencio as Wayne's mother and Nina Jose as the sexy Alyssa, don't miss this newest story of love on Precious Hearts Romances: Bud Brothers every afternoon, after Kambal sa Uma on ABS-CBN.





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