Survivor Tocantins airs finale on Q Channel 11

Who among J.T. Thomas Jr.,Stephen Fishbach, Erinn Lobdell, and Taj Johnson-George will be the Sole Survivor in Survivor Tocantins? Find out when it airs on Q Channel 11 today, May 18.

With Benjamin "Coach" Wadefailing to live up to his Dragon Slayer name, the quest to be this season'ssole survivor is now down to the final four castaways—J.T. Thomas Jr.,Stephen Fishbach, Erinn Lobdell, and Taj Johnson-George—as Survivor Tocantinsreaches its finale this Monday, May 18, on Q Channel 11.

Last Friday's episode sawCoach getting sent to join the jury. After his last closest ally, Debbie Beebe,was voted out, Coach slowly realized that he's most likely the next one to go.With nothing much left to hold on to, Coach tried to draw some sympathy fromhis tribemates. He complained about having back pains and asthma, and hinted onhow he doesn't want to be sent out to Exile Island.

Inthe Reward Challenge, it was Coach and J.T. who came head to head in the mazeand game of pole construction. But it was J.T. who grabbed the overnight stayat the Governor's Retreat as reward. J.T. then chose Stephen to go with him andenjoy a treat to a feast, warm bed, and shower, and sent Coach packing forExile Island.

AtExile, Coach vowed that he's going to take the "Monastic" approach by notbuilding fire and not eating. And he did so, without any sleep even. But out ofa log he made himself a cane, which actually became useful when he returned forthe Immunity Challenge with a limp.

TheIndividual Immunity Challenge saw the castaways holding themselves up betweendoor frames using only their arms and a foothold. Going down the door frame,the foothold became smaller and tinier. After Erinn, Stephen, and Taj droppedout, J.T. and Coach was one-on-one again in the challenge. After fifty minutes,Coach fell to the ground screaming in pain.

WithCoach not safe at all from tribal council, J.T. and Stephen were torn on who tovote out—him or Erinn. J.T. reassured Coach that it was Erinn's time to gobut Stephen was undecided. When the votes were read, it was three against two.Stephen joined Erinn and Taj in voting against Coach, making him the fifthmember of the jury.


Whoamong the Final Four—J.T., Stephen, Erinn, and Taj—will be named the soleSurvivor? Watch out on the finale of Survivor Tocantins this Monday, May 18, viasatellite at 2:00 pm plusthe Survivor Reunion at 4:00 pm, with a primetime telecast at 7:30 pm and 10:15 pmrespectively. Weekend replay is on Saturday, May 23, at 2:00 pm (Finale) and4:00 pm (Reunion) only on Q Channel 11.





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