Atom Araullo uses science in Kalye

Atom Araullo, a 26-year old anchor of Kalye, will expose unscrupulous vegetable vendors who sell inferior products.

Atom Araullo, one of the country's most promising broadcast journalists, could have been a scientist.

The 26 year-old anchor of Kalye: Mga Kuwento sa Lansangan, has a degree in Applied Physics from the University of the Philippines. He also graduated from the Philippine Science High School.

Atom, however, said it was no surprise for him to become a journalist. "The lack of job opportunities for science graduates like me is a factor, but then I have always wanted to empower people to become agents for change, and as a journalist I can do that by showing them the real condition of our society."

The former student leader found himself in a familiar position when he hosted the concert for the youth organized by ABS-CBN's "Boto Mo, iPatrol Mo: Ako ang Simula" movement and YouthVote Philippines last May 11. Atom spoke before thousands of young Filipinos, urging them to use their right to vote.

All these considered, he believes his science education was not put to waste in his chosen profession. "There are disciplines in science that I use in my job as reporter and anchor like the scientific process, being critical, and presenting ideas in an organized form.

He will surely put these lessons to use when he exposes the selling of vegetable scraps in wet markets this Monday, May 25, on Kalye. Trash-bound vegetables are said to be picked from dirty market floors, repackaged, and sold as new products to unsuspecting consumers.

Meanwhile, Anthony Taberna will fuel the discussion on the safeness of bottled diesel being sold to jeepney and tricycle drivers. Sol Aragones will follow by uncovering the new modus operandi of carnappers in the Philippines.

Join Anthony Taberna, Sol Aragones, and Atom Araullo on Kalye this Monday (May 25), right after Bandila on ABS-CBN.





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