Sulyap sa Likod ng Abaya airs on GMA-7, May 31

Robin Padilla's daughter, Queenie (in photo), talked to Muslim women of Mindanao for the May 31 episode of World View. Watch Sulyap sa Likod ng Abaya after Ful Haus on GMA-7.

Twenty percent of the world's population are Moslems scattered all over the world, yet people know very little of their lives, especially the women.

World View
takes a look into their lives behind their well-guarded veil: how similar or unusual are their lives compared to women of other religions.

Rhea Santos went around Dubai, where the government encourages women to join the work force previously reserved to men. Riding a pink taxi chauffeured by a female driver, Rhea met other strong, working Moslem women like a roving ambulance service captain and an equestrienne champion who is also a princess.

But not all Moslem women are as lucky as those in Dubai. In Bangladesh, Connie Sison encountered women who suffered burns from acid thrown by spurned suitors and wives who are maltreated because they are unable to meet their husbands' dowry price.

Here in our predominantly Catholic country, Robin Padilla's daughter Queenie Padilla learned of extraordinary stories from the Muslim women of Mindanao. Queenie met an ex-MILF amasona who has since laid down her arms to be a government leader in her community, the women warriors of the MNLF, and a local princess who is also a UN volunteer. Their stories may be diverse, but all are espousing change and development for the region.

Watch World View Presents: Sulyap sa Likod ng Abaya on May 31, after Ful Haus on GMA-7.





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