Joem Bascon and Janna Dominguez shoot a love scene for Bud Brothers

Joem Bascon and Janna Dominguez of Pinoy Fear Factor fame will have a love triangle with Manuel Chua Jr. (not in photo) in the Bud Brothers episode titled "Tail You Lose, Head You're Mine."

Catch first time on screen partners Joem Bascon and Janna Dominguez on this week's Precious Hearts Romances Bud Brothers episode titled "Tail You Lose, Head You're Mine." Though it is their first time to work with each other, Joem and Janna display good chemistry on this ABS-CBN afternoon show.

The two young artists confessed that they were more thrilled than anxious to know that they would be partnered with each other. On the Bud Brothers Farm, it was obvious how much the two adored each other as they constantly laughed and teased each other. When asked about their upcoming and highly awaited love scene, the two jokingly replied that they regret they only had one take for their steamy scene.

"I was really nervous because this is the first time I'll be working Janna. But we were able to bond with each other and by the time we shot the scene, we felt relaxed and comfortable. We just went with the flow. Of course, the former love scenes of the other Bud Brothers were nicely done so we had to make sure we performed well," Joem shared.

The story starts when Tammy (Janna), an eccentric interior designer, goes to the Bud Brothers Farm to hide from her fiancé. This is where she will meet Pete (Joem) and the two will be put in an awkward situation as they end up staying in the same room.

In the four corners of their private quarters, will the two eventually fall for each other? What will happen when another Bud Brother, Ed (Manuel Chua Jr.), enters their relationship? Is this the start of a complicated love triangle?

One hot tandem with twists and turns that will make their world go round, don't miss Precious Hearts Romances Bud Brothers this week, after Kambal sa Uma on ABS-CBN.






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