Kristine Hermosa to be featured on Cinema One this June

Kristine Hermosa's films Trip, Forevermore, Bcuz of U and My Big Love will be shown on cable channel Cinema One every Sunday at 6 pm.

It is no surprise that Kristine Hermosa is the Lady of Love on Romance Central all Sundays of June on Cinema One.

Through the years, Kristine has proven that she has staying power and to date, she indeeds continues to shine on Philippine showbusiness. Born to a Filipino father and Spanish mestiza mother, Kristine initially did not show any real interest in the business. Her career was accidental for it was ABS-CBN's Star Magic who took notice of her when she accompanied her sister in an audition.

Kristine started as a segment host in Teysi ng Tahanan in 1991, followed by a long stint with the afternoon teen melodrama soap Gimik. In 1998, her character Agnes was oppressed by the scheming Tessie Tomas in the primetime drama Sa Sandaling Kailangan Mo Ako.

When Star Drama Theater featured her for one month, local entertainment witnessed a new star to conquer local entertainment. She became a leading lady in 2000 when she assumed the role of the avenging Yna Macaspac in Pangako Sa ‘Yo. The teleserye became a television hit and even aired in parts of Asia. It also solidified a real and reel life pairing with leading man Jericho Rosales who became her main man in their succession of hits like Trip (2001), Forevermore (2002), and Ngayong Nandito Ka (2003).

Eventually they became the Most Popular Loveteam in 2001 to 2002 Guillermo Mendoza Memorial Scholarship Foundation Awards. As time passed by, their loveteam waned and she played leads with various leading men in other hits.

On Romance Central, Kristine Hermosa starts to shine with Trip on June 7. This film boasts an all star cast including Jericho Rosales, Marvin Agustin, Onemig Bondoc, Heart Evangelista, John Prats, Desiree del Valle and Julia Clarete. Trip is a melodrama of the late Gilbert Perez where a group of twenty-somethings go on an excursion. All their superficialities fade away and they all discover what they need to do with their lives.

Catch Forevermore on June 14. In this romantic drama, Kristine plays a provincial lass named Marian who is secretly in love with Anton (Jericho). Her loved one becomes a civil engineer based in Manila while she takes care of the mango orchard that Anton's grandfather owns in his hacienda. When they cross paths again, little do they know that they are destined for each other as a legend comes to pass.

See BCUZ of U on June 21. A red beetle plays a crucial role in this three-in-one hit. The three love stories is brought to life by three love teams: Kristine and Diether Ocampo; Heart Evangelista and Geoff Eigenmann; and Hero Angeles and Sandara Park. Kristine's character is a woman unsure of marriage until she realizes who really is the man for her.

Laugh out loud as you fall in love with My Big Love on June 28. This is the first cinematic love triangle of Kristine with Toni Gonzaga and Sam Milby. When an overweight and promising chef experiences embarrassment on an initial date with a famous columnist, he decides to get a personal trainer. After two years, the chef is now a lean great-looking bachelor (Sam). The famous columnist is now his fiancé (Kristine) and the trainer (Toni) is left wishing that she was the one who ended up with the cook. Here's where the conflict starts.

Experience the love from Kristine Hermosa on Romance Central as she sweetens all Sundays of June. The movies will be shown on Cinema One starting 6:00 pm. Available on SkyCable Gold, SkyCable Silver and other quality cable operators nationwide.






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