Sheena Halili answers truthfully about body enhancements

Sheena Halili gets strapped in for some seriouslyfunny and controversial questions hurled by ShowbizCentral's John Lapus. Although given just three questions, Sheena felt thepressure as John moved on from funny to romantically controversial.

SheenaHalili was strapped in Showbiz Central's most well-known chair, the lie detectormachine, to answer controversies surrounding her. The young comedienne-actress will soon be seen on the GMA-7 show Rosalinda.

Hosting the segment, as usual, was John "Sweet" Lapus who dutifullyreminded Sheena that rumored suitor Keempee de Leon sat at the liedetector machine the week before. "Mainit-init pa," he kidded the actress.

Sheena's laugh disappeared, however, when John proceeded inasking the first question. He asked, "Ka-love team mo sa nalalapit na Rosalinda si Mike Tan. May mgabulong-bulong na may isang girl na close kay Mike Tan ang nagseselos daw sa iyodahil magla love team kayo ni Mike sa Rosalinda.Yes or no?"

"No," smiled Sheena. Due to irregular patterns detected bythe machine however, it gave Sheena's answer as a "Lie." Her protests wheresmothered by the crowd's cheer as John's dance number elicited loud noises of approval.After that, Sheena was given a chance to explain. "Ano ba ‘yan, una pa lang,lie na!" she laughed. She then added, "Magka love team kami ngayon sa Rosalinda. Si Mike Tan naman medyobinibigyan niya ako ng attention ngayon...pero wala akong alam [about the girlbeing allegedly jealous]."

The next question now focused on Sheena's anatomy and therumor about her "upgrading" her assets. "Sheena," John began, "ilan sakasabayan mong artist ay umamin na nagpa-enhance sila ng ilang parte ngkatawan. Once and for all, mayroon ka bang pina-enhance sa katawan mo?"

Sheena confidently looked at John and said, "No."

True enough, the machine agreed and gave her answer as thetruth. However, Sheena did admit that she would like to do something about herheight. "Umiinom ako ng pangpatangkad," she revealed. Then she added, "Perohindi tumatalab."

That said, it was time to move on to more interesting things.The third question for Sheena involved none other than her rumored suitorKeempee de Leon. John asked, "Once and for all Sheena, nanligaw ba sa iyo siKeempee?"


Once again, Sheena smiled and answered "No."

The machine however, sensed that something was amiss onSheena's answer so it gave her answer as a Lie. Once again, Sweet performed his "buwis buhay" number as required by the show's rules of him having to dance when people lie in this segment. When askedto explain, Sheena just kept on saying that Keempee did not court her.





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