Kaye Abad excited to star in "Pepper's Roses"

Kaye Abad plays a fantasy show writer in Precious Hearts Romances presents Bud Brothers episode titled "Pepper's Roses."

Actress Kaye Abad is known for playing sweet, soft spoken and dramatic characters on TV. She is best remembered for playing the role of Eds in the youth-oriented show Tabing Ilog, which aired on ABS-CBN during the late '90s.

At 27 years old, the baby-faced actress still has what it takes to topbill a youth-oriented program on the Kapamilya Network. She was ecstatic to accept her role in Precious Hearts Romances presents Bud Brothers where she is cast as the love team partner of singer-actor Guji Lorenzana. They will thrill viewers with their episode titled "Pepper's Roses," airing every weekday afternoon on ABS-CBN.

Kaye admitted that she initially had second thoughts about accepting the Bud Brothers offer since she didn't want it to be in conflict with her current project. "But when Direk Cathy [Garcia-Molina] sent me the script, I instantly accepted the project because this is the first time I'll be playing a character who's naughty, loves to tease and very jolly," said the actress who was last seen in the 2007 fantaserye Super Inggo 1.5.

Kaye added that she felt tense when she found out that there was already a kissing scene on their very first taping day, "I started texting Guji and spent time with him to bond. After that, we became more comfortable with each other on the set. I even teased him to get ready for me once we tape our love scene."

In the following days, catch the blooming love story of Pepper (Kaye), the carefree kids fantasy show writer and her childhood friend Rei (Guji) as they rekindle their relationship anew.

With the intention of restoring their fathers' relationship with each other, will their friendship deepen into something more romantic or will they be nothing but mere friends?

Under the direction of Cathy Garcia-Molina and from the screenplay of Jose Javier Reyes based on the book, don't miss thrilling scenes on Precious Hearts Romances presents Bud Brothers every weekday afternoon after Kambal sa Uma on ABS-CBN.






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