Can Elaine escape her predicament in Cruel Love?

Will Elaine stay with Yuan or will she hold on to her feelings for Stephan in Cruel Love?

Would letting go of the past and loving the present flame expose someone to even greater magnitudes of despair and suffering?

The depth of pain that leaves the heart torn into pieces will be experienced on GMA-7's most controversial Koreanovela on primetime, Cruel Love.

This week, Yuan, Elaine and Stephan meet on the Chairman's birthday, leaving both Elaine and Stephan shocked to see each other. Julienne arrives and tells Stephan she wants to meet Yuan's girlfriend. But Stephan quickly diverts her attention to protect Elaine.

Elaine is having second thoughts about her relationship with Yuan after learning how Yuan is connected to Stephan. Stephan meets up with Elaine to convince her that their relationship should end.

Yuan and Elaine continue to spend time together despite this predicament. All the while, Elaine thinks that she's already paid for the consequences of falling in loving with Stephan, but after discovering how the two men are connected, she is torn between her love for Yuan and her past with Stephan.

How can Elaine escape the cruelty of pain brought about by her past affair with Stephan? Will she finally give up her love for Yuan to end Julienne's constant badgering and revenge?

The intriguing drama behind Cruel Love is seen weeknights after Adik Sa'Yo on GMA-7.



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