Coco Martin's character has an accident in Tayong Dalawa

Ramon, the character of Coco Martin (in photo), is involved in a car accident. Will everyone learn about his dark secrets in Tayong Dalawa?

Shocking revelations continue to unfold in ABS-CBN's primetime show Tayong Dalawa.

Lola Gets (Gina Pareno) continues to convince JR (Gerald Anderson) and Dave (Jake Cuenca) to make amends with Ramon (Coco Martin). Unfortunately, Ramon will be involved in an ambulance explosion, which will places everyone in depression.

How will Mylene (Cherry Pie Picache) handle the situation? Will Greta (Alessandra De Rossi) reveal all of Ramon's deepest secrets now that he's no longer with them?

Find out in Tayong Dalawa as it reveals the surprising truths in the story when it airs right after Only You on ABS-CBN.


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