Kristine Hermosa accused of a crime in Nasaan Ka Maruja

In Nasaan Ka Maruja, the characters of Kristine Hermosa and Derek Ramsay are still being bothered by the ghost of Karylle. Cristy (Kristine) faces an even bigger problem when she is accused of being an accesory to the murder of James (played by Coco Martin).

Komiks Presents Mars Ravelo's Nasaan Ka Maruja continues to offer viewers suspense every Saturday afternoon on ABS-CBN.

As the story of Maruja unfolds, Ross (Derek Ramsay) still did not let go of Cristy (Kristine Hermosa) even after the death of Helen (Karylle). He wants to pursue her and help lighten her burden. However, Cristy was even more determined to do the opposite: to avoid Ross at all costs. She rejects his calls and avoids him whenever he drops by for a visit. Helen, on the other hand, has not yet forgiven the two. She lets them feel her presence wherever they were. On the day of her burial, Cristy and Ross were not allowed to attend.

Meanwhile, Cristy will meet James (Coco Martin) who was then lighting a candle in the middle of the street because a man died on the said spot. Cristy found him weird and was about to get back to her car when she noticed another car and that a dead body was inside it.

To make things weirder, the dead man inside the car and the man in front of her was the same! James requested Cristy to inform his ex-girlfriend Leila (Maja Salvador) and mom Alice (Isay Alvarez) about his sudden death. However, Cristy is to be suspected to be an accessory to the murder of James.

How will Cristy explain her innocence of the crime? How long can she hide her true feelings for Ross?

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