Dear Friend presents Kay Tagal Kitang Hinintay

The latest installment of Dear Friend, "Kay Tagal Kitang Hinintay," will be topbilled (from left) Sunshine Dizon, Polo Ravales, and Chynna Ortaleza. It will be aired this Sunday, July 12.

What if when everything seemed soperfect in your life suddenly turned upside down with the return of a formerflame?

The heartfelt torment ofsecond chances will be felt in "Kay Tagal Kitang Hinintay," DearFriend's latest episode that promises to steal your heart away.

Airing its pilot episode this Sunday, July 12, "Kay TagalKitang Hinintay" reignites the romance between former sweethearts Polo Ravalesand Sunshine Dizon. The two return on screen as former lovers who accidentallycrossed paths after a painful break-up.

Completing the cast are ChynnaOrtaleza as Dianne, Rochelle Barrameda as Aunt Verna, Mel Martinez as Samsara,Princess Violago as Anne and Dinky Doo as Nestor. The episode is directed byDon Michael Perez.

After five years of runningaway from home due to a failed love life, Rachel (Sunshine) is back to start anew leaf on her life and career. Beautiful and successful, Rachel is staying atthe top of her game as a famous and in demand wedding coordinator.


She perfectly knows what to doto make any wedding a fabulous and splendid event until she meets Dianne(Chynna), an ecstatic bride who picks Dianne as the wedding coordinator for herwedding.

Rachel's life is turned upsidedown when she discovers that Michael (Polo), her ex-boyfriend and former groomto be who didn't show up on their wedding day, is engaged to her client,Dianne.

How will Rachel confront herpast and face the man who made her life miserable? Will there be a secondchance for the former lovers to reunite?

The first part of "Kay Tagal Kitang Hinintay" episode of Dear Friend airs this Sunday,July 12, right after S.O.P.


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