Who will take home the P3M jackpot of Hole in the Wall?

Will the StarStruck Team (top frame) composed of Rainier Castillo, Jana Roxas and Mark Herras triumph over the Starstroke Team composed of Gene Padilla, Dang Cruz and Mang Enriquez? Find out in the July 15 episode of Hole in the Wall.

Viewers will have a blast this week as a group of studio contestants will win the jackpot prize of more than P3 million in cash in GMA-7's outrageous and addictive game show, Hole in the Wall.

After weeks of crazy body-bending and mind-twisting, whose team will emerge victorious and bring home the P3 million plus pot money?

This Tuesday, July 14, members of the print media will get a chance to squeeze their bodies through oddly-shaped walls. Whose bodies will be dunked straight to the pool? Will it be the People's Balita Team of Antonio Aquitania, Dinno Erece, and Rohn Romulo or the Bulgar Team of Wendell Ramos, Janice Navida and Ambet Nabus?

On Wednesday, July 15, which celebrity team will get a chance to face the jackpot wall? Will it be the Starstroke Team of Gene Padilla, Mang Enriquez and Dang Cruz or the StarStruck Team of Mark Herras, Rainier Castillo and Jana Roxas?

The girls will battle it out on Thursday, July 16. Watch the Hot Babes Team of Jennifer Lee, Zara Lopez and Sachie Sanders will compete against the Kitty Girls Team of Veronica Marsh, Jocelyn Oxlade and Marianne Mabel Oliva as they contort their svelte bodies into moving walls of various sizes and shapes.

Yaya and Angelina will lead the fun and greet the new millionaires this week in Hole in the Wall, Monday to Friday, 5:00pm after Chil Princesses and before All My Life on GMA-7.



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