Goals and Girls airs on TV5 every Sunday

Goals and Girls is a youth-oriented show about students hooked on the sport Futsal. This TV5 show is topbilled by (from left) Dino Imperial, newcomer Nikki Guevara, Ryan Julio, Empress Schuck, and PJ Valerio.

A story about the joys and hurts of teenage life set on a field of friendship, love, and games, Goals and Girls (G&G) is the newest teen show airing every Sunday on TV5. It stars Empress Schuck, Ryan Julio, Dino Imperial, PJ Valerio, Paw Diaz, and newcomer Nikki Guevara.

Aside from their love for Futsal and their attraction for each other, Patrice (played by Empress Schuck) and Renzo (played by Ryan Julio) are two college students in love, but with very different social backgrounds. Things are obviously not easy for them especially with Patrice's ex Eddy (played by PJ Valerio) and Ayen (played by Paw Diaz) who always seem to get in their way. Dino Imperial plays the role of Jake, the go-getter who falls in love with Shasha, portrayed by newcomer Nikki Guevara, who is Patrice's former archrival in whom she finds an unexpected ally.

Supporting Patrice are her friends Mia, played by Kristel Moreno, and Wilma Doesn't as her quirky professor. Also starring in the show are Lovely Rivero, Tirso Cruz III, Krissie Martinez, and Pow Chavez. (Click HERE to read more about Pow's role in this youth-oriented show)

This Sunday, July 25, Patrice has become a better Futsal player as she eventually transforms into a gritty but congenial, free-spirited girl—much to Eddy's surprise. Shasha, on the other hand, lacks the care and concern of Patrice—something Eddy is terribly missing. Renzo now enters the picture as the nice but mysterious staff at the Sports club who fondly watches Patrice's every move.

Will Patrice succeed with her goals of proving herself to Eddy and to the rest of the team? What will happen to Eddy and Shasha? How about the mysterious guy who has been eyeing Patrice?

Don't miss the unfolding of the exciting game of friendship, love, and life in Goals and Girls, every Sunday at 4:30 p.m. on TV5.



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