"Pepot Artista" makes its TV debut this Saturday on ABC-5

Clodualdo del Mundo Jr.'s PepotArtista was named Best Film in the full-length category of the 2005Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival. The Best Editing award also went toDaniel Adapon for this digital film.

In line withits advocacy of supporting independent filmmakers, ABC-5 will showcase startingMarch 24 and every Saturday thereafter at 9 p.m., the first crop of winningfull-length digital movies in the first-ever Cinemalaya Independent Film Festivalheld in February 2005.

The winners dubbed theirgroup Cinemula, a word play on cine (movies) and simula (beginning). They are: Room Boy by Alfred AloysiusAdlawan; ICU Bed No. 7 by Rica Arevalo; Lasponggols by SiegfreidBarros-Sanchez; Baryoke by Ron Bryant; Big Time by Mario Cornejo;Isnatchers by Michael Angelo Dagnalan and Rodolfo "Jun" Aves, Jr.; SarongBanggi by Emman dela Cruz; PepotArtista by Clodualdo del Mundo, Jr.; Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliverosby Michiko Yamamoto and Raymond Lee; and Angelo The Bading Assassin-A Musical by Hech.

Cinemalaya sa ABC premieres this Saturday, March 24, with the film thatgarnered Best Picture and Best Editing Awards from Cinemalaya 2005. The musicalcomedy Pepot Artista marks the directorial debut of Direk Clodualdo. It focuses on a ten-year old boy whose dream is to become a moviestar.

Set in the ‘70s whensuperstars ruled the horizon, Pepot Artista explores thepenchant of Filipinos for entertainment in the midst of serious social problems.Pepot the dreamer is surrounded by people who are equally dazzled by the movieworld—a colorful mix of characters ranging from his own mother to the principalin his school to the impersonators in the neighborhood carnival, to moresinister types played by established artists who lent their presence in cameoroles.

Cinemalaya is a project ofthe Cinemalaya Foundation, Inc. in partnership with the Cultural Center of thePhilippines, the U.P. Film Institute and the PMSI-Dream Satellite TV ofbusinessman and ABC-5 chairperson Antonio "Tonyboy" Cojuangco.

The works included in thisannual film fest are narrative features that articulate the Filipino identityand culture, shot in digital video format to take advantage of this new, moreaccessible and economical technology. Cinemalaya is open to both new filmmakers who have not yet directed afull-length commercial film, and filmmakers who have directed not more than 3 full-length commercial films. Ten finalists are chosen for the full-lengthfeatures (there is also a short-feature category) of from 90 - 120 minutes,who receive P500,000 seed grant fromthe Cinemalaya Foundation for theproduction.






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