Tiagong Akyat will air every Saturday starting August 15

Tiagong Akyat (featuring Gerald Anderson) is thefirst installment of Agimat: Mga Alamat ni Ramon Revilla. This TVproject, which is a collaboration of ABS-CBN and the Revilla family, will airits pilot episode on August 15, 2009.

Viewers will see a different Gerald Anderson as he assumesthe role of Tiagong Akyat for the first installment of Agimat: Mga Alamat niRamon Revilla. The young actor will be showing off his Parkour moves, anathletic discipline and the art of moving through the environment as swiftly aspossible using only the human body. He underwent extensive parkour training toeffectively give life to the bandit who steals from the rich to give to thepoor.

How was it like studying this art of movement?

"Mahirap pero masaya. Bagong learning rin kasi ito for me.The training will definitely help me not only with the project. Perhaps sa ibako ring gagawin pa. Kakaiba talaga ang character ko dito. More on action dinkasi. Ibang Gerald Anderson ang makikita ng mga manonood."

The primetime actor said that he hasn't obtained any seriousinjuries while training. When asked if he's not afraid to rip his ACL (anteriorcruciate ligament) just like what happened to Dennis Trillo when he alsotrained for parkour, the young actor said, "Masarap kasing gawin yung parkour.Kumbaga panibagong challenge para sa 'kin. "


The Tayong Dalawa star admitted that he did researchabout Tiagong Akyat. "Nalaman ko kung bakit siya magaling umakyat dahil talentniya yun, e, kumbaga skill niya yun.

"Maganda yung sa 'min, e, hindi yung OA na parang maramingmga special effects. Sa 'min yung kaya pa ring gawin ng isang tao," he pointedout.

Gerald also revealed that he did not use any harness nor did he have any doublefor the stunts for this ABS-CBN TV show.

ENSEMBLE CAST. Under the direction of Dondon Santos, the story ofTiagong Akyat zeroes in the character of Santiago Ronquillo (Gerald Anderson)who received an amulet called Pangil ng Kidlat from an old prisoner whom hehelped. Santiago uses his extraordinary powers to provide for the poor throughstealing. Thus, his adventure as Tiagong Akyat begins.

This TV show marks something new for Gerald since he will be separated from hisconstant love team partner Kim Chiu.

How was it like doing a kissing scene with his new leading lady, ErichGonzales, who plays Cornelia?

"First time ko sa TV na hindi si Kim ang ka-kissing scene ko. Siyempre,naninibago pa pero at least...ako mag-isa ako s project na ito at si Kim, mayginagawa rin na siya lang."

How will he differentiate his Tayong Dalawa character JR from TiagongAkyat? "Sundalo ako dun sa Tayong Dalawa at masyadong seryoso si JR. SiTiago naman, makulit. Iba yung atake ko sa Agimat kasi pambata ito."


The antagonist in the story is portrayed by Jason Abalos,marking the first time that he plays a kontrabida in a project. During therecent press con, he told the media: "Para sa akin, opportunity ito. Dito, masmasususbukan ko kung hanggang saan talaga ang kaya ko. Masaya ako na binigyanako ng pagkakataon para ma-experience yung ganitong roles."

Does he enjoy bullying Gerald in this series? "Masarap kawawain si Gerald,"joked Jason. "Wala namang problema kaya after ng eksena namin, appear langkami."

Jason plays Vincent Fajardo, a poor orphan who is adopted by the Mayor, whohappens to be the father of Erich Gonzales in the story.

Other cast members include Nova Villa (Nanay Martha) the woman who adoptedTiago when he was still a young boy, Jayson Gainza who will play the "bigbrother" of Tiago, and Danilo Barrios who is tapped to play Nardo Muñoz.

Norma Muñoz (played by Max Eigenmann) will complicate the love story of thethief-turned-good guy. "Meron siyangunrequited love for Tiago pero hindi niya maamin dahil alam niyang in love pasi Tiago sa first love niya si Cornelia," she said in the AVP of the TV show.

Max's brother, Ryan Eigenmann, is also part of this TV series as Big Max."Makikilalala ko si Tiago sa preso at magiging parte ako ng grupo nila peroeventually, ita-traydor ko siya."

Joseph Bitangcol is cast as Pablo Reyes, the best friend of Tiago inside prisonwhile Carlo Guevara is Tiago's childhood friend named Buboy Arnaiz.

Tiagong Akyat (featuring Gerald Anderson) is the first episode of Agimat:Mga Alamat ni Ramon Revilla. The other upcoming episodes are: TonyongBayawak (starring Coco Martin), Ang Mahiwagang Daigdig ni Elyas Paniki(starring Jake Cuenca), and Pepeng Agimat (starring Jolo Revilla).

Coco says that his character has the ability to change into a bayawak (monitorlizard) when he becomes angry, Jake's character is a vampire killer whileJolo's character is able to fight off engkantos.

The pilot episode of Tiagong Akyat will air next Saturday, August 15,on ABS-CBN.


With reports by Marielle Saraos





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