Piolo Pascual is revealed to be Gabriel in Nasaan Ka Maruja

Piolo Pascual (inset) is revealed to be Gabriel Montero, the true love of Maruja (portrayed by Kristine Hermosa). Derek Ramsay (left) finds out that he was Governor Romualdo Santiago in his past life. Find out what will happen to Cristy (the modern-day Maruja) in Komiks Presents Nasaan Ka Maruja?

As Komiks Presents Mars Ravelo's Nasaan Ka Maruja? nears its finale, mysteries and secrets are slowly being revealed on this ABS-CBN show.

In this Saturday's episode (August 1), Ross (Derek Ramsay) finds the shock of his life when he discovers that he is not Gabriel Montero after all but Governor Romualdo Santiago who played a big part in the Maruja-Gabriel love story. He sees visions revealing the identity of the real Gabriel (portrayed by Piolo Pascual).

It turns out that the marriage of Romualdo was arranged by the bride's parents. Maruja begged Romualdo to allow her to marry Gabriel but the Governor insisted that she can no longer do anything to prevent the marriage.

Meanwhile in the present time, Cristy (Kristine Hermosa) is able to confirm that Maruja and Gabriel are not just products of her imaginations but real people who lived in the past. Michael (John Estrada) continues to help Cristy find the truth about Maruja. They interview an old lady who might be able to point them in the right direction.

How will Ross accept the fact that he is not Gabriel but someone who has hindered the beautiful love story of Gabriel and Maruja in the past?

Don't miss the unfolding of the truth in Komiks Presents Nasaan Ka Maruja, every Saturday on ABS-CBN right after Cinema FPJ.





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