Project Runway Philippines Season 2 will premiere on August 12

International model Teresa Herrera (left) will once again host Project Runway Philippines Season 2. She will be joined by judges Rajo Laurel (right), Apples Aberin and mentor Jojie Lloren. This reality contest for aspiring fashion designers will air on ETC every Wednesday at 10 pm.

The road to fashion fame starts on the runway.

That is the tagline of Project Runway Philippines, which will be airingits second season starting this Wednesday, August 12, 2009.

Watch how the 13 aspiring fashion designers from all over the Philippines willovercome the innovative challenges in this reality talent show. It will airevery Wednesday starting August 12 at 10 pm on ETC (UHF Channel SBN 21,SkyCable Channel 16, Destiny Cable Channel 30 and Cable Link Channel 48).

Who among them will have the chance to break into the exclusive Philippinefashion scene?

Hosted by Teresa Herrera with mentor Jojie Lloren, witness the intense showcaseof talent and ingenuity as the new batch of designers conquer the world offashion. See how each designer evolve under pressure as they face moreinnovative challenges under the scrutinizing eyes of supermodel Apples Aberin,renowned designer Rajo Laurel and other guest judges.

Over the next couple of weeks, the contestants will study under the tutelage offashion designer and School of Fashion and the Arts (SoFA) professor JojieLloren.


The winner of Project Runway Philippines Season 2will earn his/her rightful spot in the Philippine Fashion Week. The title alsocomes with a cash prize of P500,000; an editorial in Preview magazine;sewing machines from Brother International; a designer package from MannequinInc.; and a summer scholarship from SoFA's European partner school InstitutoMarangoni.

Project Runway Philippines Season 2 had its grand launch at the Embassy,The Fort last Friday, August 14.

Rajo Laurel emphasizes that viewers will get to meetdifferent kinds of people who want to be the next famous designer in thefashion world.

"The kids are more diverse because they come fromdifferent backgrounds. They're not all fashion people. We have entertainers,interior designers, and we even have an accountant. You know, it opens up theworld of fashion."

Tracy Abad, the host of the event, asked the judges todescribe Project Runway Philippines Season 2 in one word.

Apples Aberin said in a mysterious tone:"scandalous" while Rajo Laurel chose "salacious." According toMerriam-Webster, the synonym of salacious is lustful.

Rajo explained: "Maraming hardships na ginawa yung mga designers, mga models. If you watchtalaga, it's survival of the fittest. Honestly, we wanted to have a mediconboard. It was utterly challenging. That's all I can say, otherwise, I'll oweSolar Entertainment [the producer of the show] six million pesos.


Ms. Aberin even added: "There were so many emergencies in this show."

Why is Project Runway Philippines something that weFilipinos can be proud of?

The female model and lifestyle feature writer answered by saying, "One thing isthat we are discovering really great Filipino talents in this show. And thatwas one of our visions for the show."

CONTESTANTS. Every week, the 13 contestants will be given designchallenges to test their creativity, resourcefulness, and even their attitude.

Get to meet the 13 aspiring designers of Project Runway Philippines Season2:

Cherry Veric "The Glam Queen"

27 years old

Designed formal wear in Saudi Arabia and China

Hanz Conquilla "The Small Wonder"

27 years old

Dropped out of college, pursued fashion design

Been designing for 9 years to earn his keep

Hazel Sta.Ana "Tiny but Feisty"

23 years old

A registered nurse who feels challenged by her short frame

Jas Cristobal "Ms. Congeniality"

35 years old

An accountant and a self-proclaimed fashion designer


Personal designer and stylist to her officemates

Free spirited, everybody's best friend

Manny Marquez "The Magician"

37 years old

Master technician in creating clothes and has his own designshop.

He can actually do magic tricks

A soon-to-be-dad.

Meann Santos "The Chic Chick"

21 years old

The baby of the batch

Landed a design job fresh from college

Her fashion statement goes: "I'm not just anotherdressmaker."

Patrick Galang "The Prodigy"

25 years old

Juggling a call center job and a fashion designer career

Dreams big for his family

A pretty familiar name in fashion magazine pages

Pau Geronimo "The Drama Queen"

23 years old

Can create different lines of ready-to-wear, gowns, cocktaildresses

Won top awards at the 2nd Philippine Jewelry DesignCompetition

Randy LeaƱo "The Diva"

32 years old

A P.E. teacher by day, a costume designer by night

Interesting trait: obsessive compulsive

Richie Bondoc "The Preppy Charmer"

29 years old

Grew up with a dressmaker mom and he took over his mom'sbusiness when she passed away


A medical technician

Russell Villafuerte "The Fashion Rebel"

25 years old

A self-proclaimed nomad in college

Graduate of Interior Design

Jack of all trades

Santi Obcena "The Smooth Talker"

24 years old

Shifted from performing arts to fashion arts

Tracy Dizon "Spunky Momma"

26 years old

Style: spunky

Landed stints in some TV programs and in retailmerchandising
Single mother who is taking care of her son





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