Us Girls August Awards will hail the best in the fashion world

Us Girls—hosted by (from left) Megan Young, Angel Aquino, and Iya Villania—recognizes the people who contributed greatly to the Philippine fashion industry this year. They will hold their first ever "Us Girls August Awards," which will take place on August 20, 2009 at the New Eastwood Mall in Libis, Quezon City.The four categories are Stylist of the Year, Make-up Artist of the Year, Most Fashionable, a

Us Girls hosts Iya Villania, MeganYoung, and Angel Aquino will hail this year's style royalty during the very first "Us Girls August Awards." The event will take place on August 20 (Thursday) at the New Eastwood Mall in Libis, Quezon City.

During the press conference held last August 13, the hosts of UsGirls narrated how they came up with the August Awards.

Angel Aquino, one of the original hosts of the lifestyle magazine show, told the press: "Wedecided that it's about time that we recognize how much they [candidates] contributedto their own field."

"Wemade a short list of all the eligible candidates. Then, we were alsoconsulted kung sino ‘yong mga candidates that we think should be in a category.And then, the staff among themselves, and of course consulting also otherpeople, credible people, we're able to make the final list of the candidates."

The show's creative team underwent a long process in choosing the nominees for eachcategory, namely Stylist of the Year, Make-up Artist of the Year, Most Fashionable, and Face of the Year.


"Parangang ginawa namin is sobrang daming lists of personalities from television andmagazine, and other fields, tapos we presented it to them. Tapos yung mga namesna gusto pa nilang [hosts] idagdag, 'O,you list ganyan, you list ganyan. Tapos out of that long list, yung staffmerong short list. Based on their work, say for the Stylist of the Year: Gaanoba namin napapansin ‘yong kanilang mga works sa mga magazine?"

Asidefrom that, they also consulted Chalk [magazine] of ABS-CBN publishing, sincethe show is associated with the company, for some awards. They basically workedwith them especially for the Most Fashionable and Make-up Artist of theYear categories.

WHY AUGUST? There is a reason behind why the lifestyle magazineshow decided to hold the awarding ceremony this month.

"Actually,when we were brainstorming about it, we really never thought of the word ormonth August. Parang we were justplaying around with the online dictionary, and we bumped into the word August,tapos yun na. We found out na it means pala impressiveor grandeur, so that's it."


"Sowe are going to award those people who have impressed us," Angel added.

This will mark the start of the annual event to be hosted by Us Girls, which has been on the air for the past three years.

"Weplan to do this every year. So, hopefully with your help, we will be able tocome with another one. Andthis is the first year. This is the first ever August Award of Us Girls so hopefully in years to come,the list also will be bigger, will be wider in scope. Saka magkakaroon siguro ngibang categories," said Mariolle Alberto, Star Magic vice president.

Theyalso made clear that they also considered artists from other TV stations.

"Hindipumasok sa isip namin na porke't they're from the other side, hindi namin silapapasok sa list. It's just so happened that most of the people that appeal tothe staff, parang medyo, ah, affiliated with this network."


Someof the nominees for Face of the Year are Claudine Barretto, Kim Chiu, Anne Curtis, Carla Abellana,Isabelle Daza, Nikki Gil, Kristine Hermosa, Angel Locsin, Cristine Reyes, andMaja Salvador.

Anne [Curtis] and Isabelle [Daza] vieagain for the Most Fashionable award against fellow head turners Nicole Anderson, Pauline Juan, Divine Lee, Bea Soriano, Bianca Valerio,Georgina Wilson, and celebrities Denise Laurel, Marie Lozano, and CamilleVillar.

Asidefrom the staff, hosts, and experts, the loyal viewers of the show also have thechance to nominate their favorite fashionista.

"So,sa online voting, we asked them to go online, so kinonsult naman talaga naminyung mga audience kung sino sa tingin nila, and we listen to some of them. Someof them are attending the event on the 20th. Actually exciting poyung August Awards because they [nominees] are all attending."

Afterthree fabulous years featuring the latest in the world of fashion, beauty,food, health, traveling, and gadgetry, UsGirls finally flaunts its stature as a true fashion authority with thisgrand celebration of every glam and chic.


Seethe rest of the nominees at Us Girls' multiply site andhave a say on this year's winners by voting in the poll section. Us Girls airs every Sunday on Studio 23 at 7 pm.





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