Survivor Philippines: Palau airs pilot episode on August 17

TribeAirai and Tribe Kuror will begin their challenges on Survivor Philippines: Palau this Monday, August 17, onGMA-7. Watch the 16 castaways of Season 2 compete for the title of Pinoy Sole Survivor and the prize of P3 million.

Tonight, August17, after Adik Sa 'Yo, mapapanoodna sa GMA-7 ang pilot episode ng SurvivorPhilippines: Palau.

"Unpredictable!" That is how Paolo Bediones describes Survivor Philippines: Palau.

Paolohimself could not contain his excitement for this year's most anticipatedreality TV experience and he is certain this is because of the individuals whocomprise the new batch of castaways.

During the press con of this GMA-7 reality show na ito, naikuwento ni Paolo kungpaano napili ang Palau as the next destination ng 16 castaways. Nagingpahulaan nga noon kung totoong sa Australia, sa South America o somewhere inEurope daw gagawin ang second season ng SurvivorPhilippines. Sagot nga noon ni Paolo, "ang mahal doon, ang laki ngmagiging production cost."

"Afterthe season one finale, we didn't have any ideas where the second season wouldbe or if we are going to have another one at all," kuwento ni Paolo. "Kami ng staff, we had a kind of separation anxiety for one another atgustung-gusto na naming simulan ang next season. Naniwala kasi kamingdahil naging consistent top rater ang season one, magkakaroon ng season two.


"Itwas in February this year when Palau was finalized to be the location of Survivor Philippines season two. It was not even on top of the staff's list, pero nang pumunta na kami roon,alam na naming Palau was the right choice.

"Wewere inspied by the things that we saw," dagdag pa ni Paolo. "It's clear why it was the favorite destination of Jeff Probst, host of Survivor U.S. edition. Survivor Micronesia (Fans vs. Favorites) was also held in the islandnation located in the Pacific Ocean.

But the U.S.production of Survivor was never heldat Peleliu Island, the exact location of SurvivorPhilippines. Thisposed a greatchallenge for the SP staff because of the limited wayt to communicate andresources found on the island.

"Weinitially thought that perhaps we bit off more than we could chew, but what Iam most proud of is that when everyone was saying that it is impossible to dowhat we set out to do there, we did it. It can be done!"


How wouldPaolo compare the first and the second batches of castaways?

"Ifwe could put a theme for each season, we can say that the first was about"family and barkada." This season, it's about personalredemption," Paolo said. "This season, the castaways are reallywilling to play the game. Kung noong first season, the competition wasbetween Naak and Jarakay, this season, the competition and fighting really iswithin the tribes; it was an individual game for everyone. For me, thecastaways themselves are the best thing to happen this season."

May twistspa rin ba in this season?

"Yes,at may impact ito sa mga castaways. Every tribal council is full ofemotion. They seem to be almost losing it every time," sabi niPaolo. "Napaka-unpredictable at aliw din ang staff dahil hindi nilamabasa kung ano ang susunod na gagawin ng bawat castaway."

Sa edition na ito, ang maglalaban ay ang Tribe Airai at Tribe Kuror, na pangalan ng dalawang sa 16 states ng Palau.


Noongpress launch ng reality TV show, ipinakita kung paano sinundo at nagpaalam angmga castaways sa kani-kanilang pamilya, na kahit ang entertainment press aynapaluha sa tunay na drama sa tunay na buhay na nasaksihan nila.

On the pilot episode of Survivor Philippines: Palau, viewerswill see the 16 castaways carrying two heavy ammo crates per tribe as they treka wild forest area with a distance of 1.4 kilometers. This will be a testof speed, agility and strength since the castaways will have to race towardsthe other end of the forest, dragging the crates with them. A consequencefaces the tribe losing the race.

Which tribe emerged stronger? Will it be Tribe Airai or Tribe Kuror?

Trapped in an island that once was home to one of the deadliest wars inhistory, the Filipino castaways found themselves haunted by the ghosts of WorldWar II. Overturned tanks, aging shipwrecks, and sunken planes were a commonsight.

The Japanese-American war ruins were juxtaposed with the flawless beauty ofthe beaches of Palau and its rich marine life.


Will it be Justine Ferrer,the beauty queen? Vlad Nesas, the hefty, competitive swimmer? Maya Segovia,the Philippine Air Force lady pilot? Louie Ang, the chickboy IT analyst?Tara Macias, the snappy English tutor? Suzuki Sadatsugu, theJapinoy ramp model? Carol Gementiza, the strict grade school teacher? TroyPerez, the mentalist out to brace you with magic? Shaun Rodriguez,the sexy daddy? Mika Batchelor, the hot classy chef? Charles de VeraFernandez, the talky raketista? Amanda Cooley Van Cooll, the Tisayconstruction worker in Alaska? Cris Bolado, the gentle giant of the hardcourt? Jef Gaitan, the girl next door? Marvin Kiefer, theultimate crush? Or will it be Echo Caceres, the spicy Bicolana?

For 39 days, the castaways battled it out inthe island of Peleliu, where two U.S. editions (Survivor: Palau and Survivor: Micronesia) took place. Whoamong the 16 castaways will surpass all the challenges and emerge as the next Pinoy SoleSurvivor and take home the prize of P3 million?


And maygood news sa mga GMA Pinoy TV subscribers around the world dahil mapapanoodnila ang Survivor Philippines: Palau in Europe, Northern America,Middle East, East Asia Pacific, Oceana and the British Indian Ocean Territory. The first season, Survivor Philippines: Thailand, was not shown internationally.

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