Sandra Aguinaldo unveils modus operandi on I-Witness

Sandra Aguinaldo's documentary Holdap ‘To! is the first installment for the Black Market Special of I-Witness. It will air this Monday midnight on GMA-7 after the late-night newscast Saksi.

This September, GMA-7's late-night program delivers four bold, hard-hitting documentaries as veteran journalists Howie Severino, Jay Taruc, Sandra Aguinaldo and Kara David fearlessly enter a world where underground activities thrive and illegal transactions proliferate--the Black Market.

In the first installment of the four-part black market special, award-winning journalist Sandra Aguinaldo exposes the step-by-step tactics being employed by hold-uppers to succeed in their operations.

They strike anytime and anywhere. Anyone could be a victim, and no one is spared. For veteran hold-uppers Christian and Marlon (not their real names), this is the golden rule.

The two self-confessed criminals have depended on hold-upping since they were minors. Christian and Marlon started off with just snatching bags and cell phones but eventually formed a group that holds-up passenger jeepneys and taxis. The loot that they get from their hold-upping operation are immediately sold to sidewalk vendors, who then sell these stolen goods to unknowing customers. Christian admits that he already wants to quit hold-upping, but the money that he earns from this job is too big to let go.

It has been four years since "Albert" was jailed because of robbery with homicide. This is already his third time in prison. Albert belongs to a group of hold-uppers that targets restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores and even "door-to-door" money delivery companies. In a one-on-one interview with Sandra, Albert reveals their hold-upping scheme in detail. All of the 8-10 members of their gang each have a designated assignment--one member acts as the location checker, two are assigned to thwart the guards, one goes directly to the counter, while the rest acts as lookouts for incoming enemies.

Sandra Aguinaldo's documentary offering for the I-Witness Black Market
Special Holdap ‘To! airs this Monday midnight on GMA-7 after the late-night newscast Saksi.





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