Last Romance airs on GMA-7 starting Monday

Last Romance, which tackles a love story between two mature people, will air on GMA-7 starting this Monday, September 7.

It is easy for young ones to fall in love but what about for old people? Is the concept of getting smitten simply fade as one matures?

This will be tackled in GMA-7's upcoming Asianovela titled Last Romance. It airs this Monday, September 7, right before Eat Bulaga.

People, regardless of age, will be captivated by this drama as they explore the possibilities of romance literally standing the test of time. Lead the cast are two of Korea 's most talented stars--Cecil Song whose character is also named Cecil and James Jang as Chuck Song.

Cecil is an ajumma, a bickering married woman who unexpectedly finds herself supporting her 13 year old daughter all on her own because of her husband's sudden disappearance. While proving how resilient a woman she is, fate came overriding her self-worth as she bumps into Chuck.

Chuck is not simply a high school sweetheart. He is, bewilderingly, a movie star who has successfully masked his true age. He is a frog turned prince (or king for those who intimately know him)! So instead of being pleased about the possibility of rekindling an old first flame, Cecil's insecurity and maturity won over. And it is not only because of her instant accountabilities, but because of her firm belief that she is already over the hill. Blatantly put, she's plain old for love.

Could Chuck prove this notion wrong? Could she prove herself wrong? And the most important question, is she really wrong after all?

Discover if the feeling of falling in love never dies but simply "grows old," starting Monday, September 7, before Eat Bulaga.





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