Cristine Reyes' afternoon soap Babalik Kang Muli airs finale, Sept 13

Will the character of Cristine Reyes end up with Marc Abaya (upper right frame) or Joross Gamboa? Or will she avaoid men altogether? Find out when the finale of Babalik Kang Muli airs on ABS-CBN this Sunday, September 13.

Your Song presents Babalik Kang Muli gears up for its final episode this Sunday, September 13, on ABS-CBN.

"Working with Ms. Jaclyn Jose is indeed one of my unforgettable experiences as an actress," shared Cristine Reyes, lead actress of the TV series. "Marami akong natutunan sa kanya, pati na rin sa iba ko pang kasamahang artista...actually, kahit off-screen ms jaclyn taught me how to deal with real life... she like is a real mom to me."

Viewers followed the series not only because of the roster of talents who portrayed vital roles in the story but due to the values that the TV series emphasized.

As the show nears its finale, revelations continue to be shown on the story. Stella (Cristine) is again blinded by loveā€”for the second time but with the same man. Rafael (Marc Abaya) promised Stella marriage, which Josie (Jaclyn Jose) deeply opposes. Meanwhile, Ricky (Joross Gamboa) learns that Flora (Alessandra de Rossi) is the one who told Rafael about Stella's pregnancy. Stella, on the other hand, is overwhelmed with happiness because of her child's birth, but the feeling of joy suddenly turns into a feeling of betrayal when she finds out straight from Rafael that he was only after their child.

What will Stella do now that the truth has come out? Will she go back to her mother again? And if ever she does, will Josie accept Stella once again?

Watch how the controversial story ends when Your Song Presents Babalik Kang Muli, airs this Sunday afternoon, on ABS-CBN right after ASAP '09.





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