Survivor Philippines: Palau castaways undergo tribe shuffle

Maya Segovia (in photo) is unable to defeat Justine Ferrer in Isla Purgatoryo during their face-off challenge. This allowed the Reyna to stay three more days on the GMA-7 reality show.

On Day 10 of Survivor Philippines: Palau, host Paolo Bediones shocked the remaining castaways when he announced that there would be a shuffle among the two tribes: Airai and Koror.

The host of the reality show instructed the castaways to put blindfolds over their eyes. Each of them randomly selected a green or an orange parchment, representing their new tribe. Those in Airai (color orange) are now Troy Perez, Vlad Nesas, Cris Bolado, Mika Batchelor, Tara Macias, Louie Ang and Charles de Vera Fernandez.

Meanwhile, the new members of Koror are Suzuki Aragon, Echo Caceres, Marvin Kiefer, Jef Gaitan, Shaun Rodriguez and Amanda Cooley Van Cooll.

With this new composition, the topic of allegiances is in the air for both tribes.

IMMUNITY BRACELET. Last Friday, September 4, Philippine Airforce lady pilot Maya Segovia was voted off during the Tribal Council of the Airai tribe.

For the face-off challenge in Isla Purgatoryo aired last night, Justine Ferrer and Maya must quickly assemble four wheels on a heavy wooden cart. Then they must pull or push the cart towards six stations or posts. They must then climb to the top of each post in order to get a piece of the totem pole puzzle.

After getting all six pieces of the puzzle, they have to pull the cart towards the assembly area and build the totem pole as fast as they can. The first castoff to assemble the totem pole wins the Immunity bracelet and have the chance to spend three more days in Isla Purgatoryo with Jumbo the dog.

The physical challenge proved to be too strenuous for Maya as she lagged behind as Justine moved quickly through the stations.

In the end, the Reyna was able to beat the Piloto.

Survivor Philippines: Palau airs weeknights on GMA-7 right after Adik Sa 'Yo.






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