SRO Cinemaserye explores the joys and pains of high school reunions

JennicaGarcia (left) and Sheena Halili star in the latest installment of SRO Cinemaserye. The two young stars will grace the four-partcomedy mini-series titled Reunion.

Highschool reunions are often met with mixed emotions. For some, the opportunity tosocialize with old mates can be thrilling and a sure way to catch up. Others,however, view such event with cynicism and dread.

Variousmovies in the past, particularly in Hollywood, have touched on the subject ofcampus get together either to stir romance, drama and even fear. It is in thisspirit that the creative team of this GMA-7 shows decided to incorporate thesubject in its latest installment of SROCinemaserye.

Bringingtogether the tandem of Jennica Garcia and Sheena Halili, SRO Cinemaserye presents Reunionexplores the concept of rekindling the joys and pains of facing old friendsand acquaintances. But more importantly, the TV series aims to discover lastingfriendship amidst pretensions and insecurity.

"Comedypo ito pero more than that, may lesson din po particularly sa mga kabataanpagdating sa friendship and love," Jennica told PEP (Philippine EntertainmentPortal) in an interview last September 11 held at the GMA Network Center inQuezon City.

Sheena,on the other hand, stressed that the program wants to impart important lifelessons the youth could well identify with without taking away laughter andsituations presented lightly to keep the viewers entertained.

Reunion revolves around Chantilly (JennicaGarcia) and Pepper (Sheena Halili). Still smarting from the humiliation theyexperienced during their graduation ball a few years back, the high schoolbuddies made a pact to get back at the campus bully, Asheewari (Jade Lopez).

Chantillyand Pepper found the perfect opportunity to exact revenge when it was announcedthat their batch would a stage high school reunion. The desperate duo alsowanted to catch the attention of old flames, Angelo (Mart Escudero) and Ryan(Rainier Castillo).

Using their combined wits andcharm, Chantilly and Pepper arrive simultaneously at the event looking everyinch like professional ladies. The pair complemented their winning look withmade up stories about their respective "successful careers"-all concocted toattract Angelo and Ryan's affection but also to earn the envy of Asheewari.


Whileat the party, a series of disastrous events happen inadvertently exposing theirfraud. Chantilly and Pepper are trapped in a sticky situation that derailstheir scheme of winning the hearts of their dream boys.

Facinghumiliation anew, can the two best friends survive their botched plan withtheir friendship unscathed? Will their bond, which has been strengthened overmany years, remain intact and strong?

Completingthe cast of Reunion are Jose Manalo,Steff Prescott, Kevin Santos, Patani and John Lapus. Directing the show isveteran meg man Soxie Topacio with Jun Lana serving as head writer.

The misadventures of Chantilly and Pepper intheir wacky high school get-together begin in SRO Cinemaserye presentsReunion beginning this Thursday, September 17, right after ShiningInheritance on GMA-7.





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