Kalye marks its 1st anniversary on ABS-CBN

After being anchors for the ABS-CBN late-night show Kalye: Mga Kuwento ng Lansangan, (from left) Anthony Taberna, Sol Aragones, and Atom Araullo will continue to expose gritty stories about ordinary Filipinos.

It has already been a year since Anthony Taberna, Sol Aragones, and Atom Araullo began to brave the streets and immerse themselves in the lives of ordinary people to unveil the many faces of Philippine society on Kalye: Mga Kuwento ng Lansangan on ABS-CBN.

Looking back at a year full of adventures and realizations, the three anchors have told many unforgettable stories, which have challenged them as journalists and affected them as Filipinos.

Anthony will never forget his story on construction workers, where he became one for a day. After carrying sacks of cement up a 22-storey building, the hard-hitting broadcaster fell ill the next day. "I realized just how much we should give importance to these workers who invest all their energy and risk their safety but only get to take home a small amount to their family."

Sol, meanwhile, singled out her coverage of the parade of the Black Nazarene. Instead of watching from afar, she put herself in a devotee's shoes and almost put her life in danger. "The crowd became uncontrollable. I had to jump to the gutter to save myself. But we were able to show just how devoted some Filipinos are to the Nazarene."

Atom also chose a "dangerous" story as his most memorable. He once swam in murky waters to show how young children in Baseco, Tondo, risk their lives to dive for scrap metal to sell. "Apart from the health hazard since the water is filled with garbage and domestic waste, there is also the danger to be pinned down underwater by heavy pieces of metal. Someone actually died because of this."

As they celebrate their first anniversary, Atom said they will dig deeper and be more daring on their second year. The streets will never run out of stories that will inspire and awaken people, Anthony pointed out.

"We will take our viewers to different streets all over the country to show them the lives of people we take for granted sometimes, but would really give us inspiration and enlightenment on the realities of life," Sol added.

This Monday (September 21), the three will take on challenging assignments again as they get up close the country's waste problem and the lives of the people who make a living out of garbage.

Sol will check on garbage collectors who, despite playing important roles in communities, do not always get much support from local governments. Anthony will highlight the triumph of a man who has made a business out of trash, while Atom will join children who are in dumpsites looking for plastic and scrap metal instead of studying in schools.

Don't miss the special first anniversary offering of Kalye with Anthony Taberna, Sol Aragones, and Atom Araullo on Monday (September 21), right after Bandila on ABS-CBN.






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