Mikaela Bilbao quits Celebrity Duets 3 due to health reasons

Celebrity Duets 3, GMA-7's reality singing competition, will hold its second elimination round this Saturday, September 26. This episode will also mark the last time that Mikaela Bilbao will perform on the show since she resigned due to health reasons.

Due to health reasons, beauty maven Mikaela Bilbao was forced to resign from Celebrity Duets 3 bringing the number of contenders down to seven. The alluring owner of the famous spa chain, who wore an ultra sexy Beyonce-inspired outfit last week, is set to make her last appearance in Celebrity Duets 3 this Saturday, September 27, after Pinoy Records on GMA-7.

But despite her resignation, the remaining contenders are still at the mercy of the viewing public as anyone from among actor/producer Jomari Yllana, costume and fashion designer of the stars Maxie Cinco, lord of scents Joel Cruz, award-winning actress and director Gina Alajar, Philippines' top Brazilian-Japanese model Akihiro Sato, topnotch fashion photographer Niccolo Cosme, and world boxing champion Nonito Donaire, Jr. could be sent home from the competition this Saturday.

The judges were all-praises for resident hunks Akihiro and Jomari last week. The question is, do the viewers think so, too? Did the audience enjoy Niccolo's upbeat number as much as he did? Could Maxie and Joel's elaborate headgears and colorful performance save them from elimination? Did Nonito Donaire and Gina Alajar sing well enough to spare them from another bottom-three finish this week?

Pinky Amador, Tuesday Vargas, Kris Lawrence, Vernie Varga, Anton Diva, Geoff Taylor, and Wally Bayola guest star on Celebrity Duets 3 this Saturday, September 27, after Pinoy Records.





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