Will Enchong Dee end up with Erich Gonzales in Katorse?

In Katorse, Gabby (played by Ejay Falcon) will learn that he has a fatal disease so he hatches a plan to ensure that Jojo (Enchong Dee, in photo) will become close to Nene (Erich Gonzales) and give her support.

Heartthrob Enchong Dee has once again proventhat he's not your typical boy-next-door.

Bagging seven gold medals in seven differentUAAP swimming events recently, Enchong has proven that he can excel in his chosen sport.

"Super happy talaga ako. Kasi kahit medyobusy sa acting, I still find time to do my sport. The medals are bonusesna lang talaga. With or without the awards, love ko talaga ang swimming,"Enchong shared. "And as much as I love swimming, siyempre inaalagaan korin talaga ang career ko."

As Enchong receives gold medals, Katorse,the ABS-CBN show that he also stars in, has been blessed with a strong following. "Blessings justkeep on pouring. I am more than thankful," said the swimmer-actor.

In the coming episodes of Katorse, Gabby(Ejay Falcon) learns that an illness that he had when he was still a child recurred. However, the young father refuses to be treated. Upon learning that he is dying, Gabbytries to be a good father to his newborn child Tomi and a good "partner" to Nene (ErichGonzales).

But a realization hits Gabby, prompting him to plot an evil plan: for Nene to hate and leave him and end up with Jojo(Enchong Dee).

What is Gabby's reason behind this? WillGabby's plan be successful or will it just go awry?

Find out as Katorse airs weekdays before TV Patrol on ABS-CBN.





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